The Mental Health Service Awards of
Australia and
New Zealand

About the Awards

The Mental Health Service Awards of Australia and New Zealand recognise innovation, research excellence, best practice and lived experience leadership in mental health services. They also aim to reduce stigma by acknowledging responsible media reporting of mental health issues and encourage others to promote the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

Award winners are honoured at a prestigious ceremony each year, as part of TheMHS Annual Conference. They also receive a three- day conference registration, financial support to attend an ‘in person’ conference, and recognition on TheMHS website and media materials.

When are the TheMHS Awards?

The next Awards will be presented at TheMHS 2021 Melbourne Conference on 12 – 15 October 2021.

Entries for the 2021 Awards open on 22nd of March.

We acknowledge the Commonwealth Government Department of Health’s longstanding support for the Awards, which has enabled recognition of significant individuals, programs, research and services in mental health since 1992.

How to Apply?

It’s free to submit an entry to the Awards.

Simply click on the Awards Categories below to see which category of Award best fits with your intended entry. Once you’re there, go through all the criteria and information you will need to provide to participate successfully. Then, download the PDF document to see the rules, guidelines and disclaimers that apply for that specific category and follow the process before clicking on the APPLY button.

To see any additional relevant dates, please go directly to each Award categories below.

Key Dates 2021

Key Dates

  • Service & Program, Research and
    Exceptional Contribution Awards Open  22 March 2021
  • Wellbeing in the Workplace Awards Open  22 March 2021
  • Media Awards Open  29 March 2021
  • Service & Program, Research and
    Exceptional Contribution Awards Close  8 June 2021
  • Wellbeing in the Workplace Awards Close   8 June 2021
  • Media Awards Close  6 July 2021
  • Awards Ceremony   TBC


Early Career
Research Awards

Exceptional Contribution Award

Media Journalism Awards

Service and
Program Awards


Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award

in the Workplace Award

Meet our 2021 Award winners

People from all parts of mental health services have been recognised for their vital contributions to addressing mental health issues across Australia and New Zealand, in the TheMHS Mental Health Service Awards.

Fourteen Awards across eleven categories have been presented to individuals and organisations at this week’s ‘Hope into Action’ Conference Awards Ceremony, hosted by TheMHS Learning Network and attended online by over 500 mental health professionals on both sides of the Tasman.

The Awards acknowledge and promote: best-practice in the delivery of mental health services; innovation, consumer-focus and lived-experience leadership; excellence in mental health research; as well as media and journalism that helps decrease the stigma which can still be associated with mental distress.

Congratulations to all our 2021 Award Winners!