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Welcome to the NEW TheMHS Resource Library

Over the last 25 years of TheMHS Conferences, Summer Forums and Award programs, we’ve accumulated one of the most comprehensive records of mental health services, programs and research in Australia and New Zealand, and we think it’s worth sharing!

In this Resource Library, you will find proceedings from 25 years of TheMHS Conferences, Award winning programs and services dating back to 1994, video and audio recordings of some of our keynote presentations over the years, as well as supplementary material (including powerpoint files) from these presentations. The contents of the Resource Library will be regularly updated, so be sure to check back to see what’s new.

Please note that the Resource Library is a collection of presentations and other materials from TheMHS Learning Network events over the past 25 years. TheMHS Learning Network does not endorse the views of all authors or the content of all presentations and other materials.

How to use the Resource Library

It’s simple! You may search by event (e.g. 2015 TheMHS Conference), by type (e.g. Awards Application), or by Keyword. Searching multiple fields at the same time will NARROW your results. 

E.g. Searching for the word “keynote” and the event “2003 TheMHS Conference” at the same time will deliver keynote papers and audio recordings only from 2003.

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2016 Summer Forum Resources

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Recommended Reading

SLIDES: Funding Personalisation - How can funding shape the system for the better?

Authors: Kathy Eagar - Director of the Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong

Event: 2017 TheMHS Summer Forum

SLIDES: Disruption as a force for change in the UK and Australia

Authors: Peter Gianfrancesco - NSW State Manager, Neami National

Event: 2017 TheMHS Summer Forum

SLIDES: If self determination is the answer, what would services be spectacular at?

Authors: Helen Glover

Event: 2017 TheMHS Summer Forum

SLIDES: Personalised Services: A first-hand account.

Authors: Sarah Hughes - CEO, Centre for Mental Health, UK & Former CEO, Mind in Cambridgeshire, UK

Event: 2017 TheMHS Summer Forum

SLIDES: What helps recovery for people with complex psychosis; what's the evidence?

Authors: Helen Killaspy - Professor and Honorary Consultant in Rehabilitation Psychiatry at University College London and Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust

Event: 2017 TheMHS Summer Forum

SLIDES: UK National Policies on Personalisation – how can they be implemented across 140 sites?

Authors: Karen Mellanby – Director of Networks and Communities, MIND UK

Event: 2017 TheMHS Summer Forum

Session 2 – Steps to Personalising the System. By Tully Rosen

Blog description: Session 2 expanded on steps to personalising the mental health system. Presentations by Karen Mellanby (Director of Networks and Communities at Mind, UK), Ed Mantler (Vice President of Programs and Priorities at the Mental Health commission of Canada) and Eddie Bartnik (Strategic Adviser on Mental health, Local Area Coordinating and Community Capacity Building, National Disability Insurance Agency) drew from the international experience of personalisation and compared and contrasted Australia’s experience with that of the UK and Canada. The session presented a number of key issues that will be important to consider as Australia adapts to the NDIS and a more personalised mental health system.

Choice and control – what does it mean? By Helen Killaspy

Blog description: At the opening plenary session of the 2017 TheMHS Summer Forum, Helen Glover and Ken Thompson addressed the tensions that exist in mental health services in promoting autonomy whilst providing support.

KEYNOTE WEBCAST: "Clarity and Complexity: Being a Non-Binary Transgender Person"

Authors: Joe Macdonald

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

Slides S65: The Consumer-Support Facilitator Relationship - what works? Learnings from a year of consumer-led mental health research.

Authors: Bridget Berry, Shifra Waks, Richard Schweizer, Nicola Hancock, Anne Honey, Justin Scanlon

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

Symposium Slides S81: An inclusive approach to wellbeing: The authentic heart of community.

Authors: Carol Ryan, Brigid Furness, Sarb Lester, Julie Walker

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

Slides S26: Co-design and creative development of the Optimal Health Program.

Authors: Marco De Ieso, David Castle, Gaye Moore, Helen Wilding

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

PowerPoint S33: IPS Works - Recovery Through Employment

Authors: Philleen Dickson

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

PowerPoint S30: Comorbid substance use disorders and mental health disorders among New Zealand prisoners.

Authors: Devon Idig, Craig Gear, Kay Wilhelm, Jill Bowman, Peter Johnston

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

PowerPoint S27: People centred mental health and addiction model of care.

Authors: Carole Koha, Kristina Sofeie, Bron Poad, Shaun McNeil, Pauline Morrison, Kym Park

Event: 2016 TheMHS Conference

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