About the Awards

The award categories have changed over time to reflect the changing emphasis of the Strategy. There are six categories for Programs and Services. These programs demonstrate best practice models, innovation and genuine consumer participation.

The Outstanding Contribution Awards recognise Australian and New Zealander individuals who have had a outstanding impact on mental health service delivery. These awards acknowledge a remarkable accomplishment and wide sphere of influence. The Outstanding Contribution Awards encompass the long running and prestigious Award for Exceptional Contribution by an Individual; and the top award, the TheMHS Medal for Mental Health.

The Mental Health Service (TheMHS) Awards of Australia and New Zealand media section recognises excellence and accuracy of media coverage about mental health and are awarded in three categories: Text Journalism, Sound/Vision Journalism, and Special Media Journalism.

TheMHS Awards program has further developed recently by introducing the Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award, the Early Career Researcher Awards for Innovation, Best Practice and Excellence.

In 2019 The Mental Health Service (TheMHS) Awards of Australia and New Zealand were presented at the annual TheMHS Conference in Brisbane, Queensland. TheMHS Conference is one of the largest and most diverse mental health conferences in Australasia and therefore is an ideal vehicle for such a prestigious and important scheme.

The Mental Health Service Awards Hanging on the wall


Long-standing funding has been received from both the Australian Government (since 1993 through the Department of Health) and the New Zealand Government (since 1995 through the Ministry of Health). This financial support for The Mental Health Service (TheMHS) Awards of Australia and New Zealand is greatly appreciated.

This support enables winners to receive assistance to attend TheMHS Conference and the Awards Presentation ceremony, as well as funding the awards certificates and the prestigious TheMHS Medal.