Recovery, Rehabilitation and Psychosocial Disability in a Persistently Complex System

TheMHS Autumn Forum  |  28 April 2022  |  Mercure Sydney, Australia


We are delighted to announce a TheMHS Autumn Forum in Sydney on the 28th of April 2022. Recovery, Rehabilitation and Psychosocial Disability in a persistently complex system.

For people with psychosocial disability, the mental health system and NDIS are complex and often unwieldy.  There is a labyrinth of services, programs and providers from the public, private, and NGO sectors.

In this forum we will unravel concepts of recovery, rehabilitation, psychosocial support, and psychosocial disability.

Together we will identify the challenges and barriers for people to achieve good outcomes in this increasingly complex system.  We will also consider whether it has even been possible to adapt a recovery orientation to psychosocial disability services and the NDIS. It is unclear how rehabilitation services fit within the system. Some organisations are now exiting as NDIS providers while some are remaining within the funding model of the NDIS. Others are finding new models, perspectives and ways of supporting people’s psychosocial needs.

  • How can the mental health system best support a person with psychosocial needs to move forward through their recovery journey?
  • How meaningful are the terms recovery, psychosocial disability support and rehabilitation?
  • Have we created an unhelpful distinction between those deemed to have ‘psychosocial disability’ and those who don’t?
  • Are we really listening to people about what needs to change?
  • What steps are required to achieve an integrated and responsive system that works?

Speakers will bring their expertise to provide insights into the challenges, current perspectives, lived experience, innovative models, recent research and future directions.

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