Consumer Bursaries

TheMHS Bursaries are offered to Consumers who wish to attend The Mental Health Services Conference of Australia and New Zealand. A limited number of Bursaries are offered to each Australian state/territory and to New Zealand.

The Bursary includes cost of free registration to the Consumer or CarerĀ Forum and the 4-day conference.

NOTE: TheMHS Bursaries are NOT for students. There are concession registration fees for students.

Eligibility Criteria for TheMHS Bursary, in priority order. Points 1 & 2 below areĀ essential criteria.

  1. Those who identify as a Consumer of Mental Health Services.
  2. Those who, for financial reasons, would be unable to attend this year’s conference.

The Bursary includes cost of:

  • Free registration to the Consumer Forum and the 4-day conference.

Disclaimer: Bursary allocation is subject to funding confirmation.