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Wednesday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

S000: ePosters - Running Wednesday to Friday (location: Exhibition Hall)

"Standing Strong": A peer-led psychosocial recovery program in the ACT ePoster

Julia Bocking

Self Care - Because it Matters! ePoster

Judith Drake

Treating Hoarding Disorder in Northern Sydney: A Study in Collaboration ePoster

Chris Lines, Simone Isemann

Factors influencing engagement with case-managers: perspectives of young people with a diagnosis of first episode psychosis. ePoster

Rachel Tindall, Bridget Hamilton

How would consumers with depression design a new online longitudinal depression study? Results of in-person focus groups ePoster

Bregje Van Spijker, Philip Batterham, John Cunningham, Kathleen Griffiths

What is changing? Understanding how our mental health service is responding to the process of change using a modified Ward Atmosphere Scale ePoster

Tim Coombs, Robin Peters, Brad Boon, Sizwile Tshuma

Recovery-Oriented Leader Development Program ePoster

Nat Ellis

A first online International MSc Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion programme: Placing MH recovery values centrally in education with the lived experience, and carers ePoster

Ingrid Ozols, Audrey Kempson

Optimal Health Program: a psycho-educational wellbeing program transforming research to reality ePoster

Helen Wilding, Gaye Moore, David Castle, Chantal Ski

Wednesday, 8:45am - 9:15am

S001: Opening Ceremony (location: Royal Theatre)

TheMHS Conference 2015 Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony

Wednesday, 9:15am - 10:00am

S002: Awards Presentation (location: Royal Theatre)

TheMHS Awards Presentation Awards Presentations

Wednesday, 10:00am - 11:00am

S003: Keynote address by Pat Corrigan (location: Royal Theatre)

Keynote Address: A Critical Look at Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness, What Says the Dodo Bird? Keynote Presentation

Pat Corrigan

Wednesday, 11:30am - 1:00pm

S004: Effectiveness & equity of access (location: Royal Theatre)

Centralised Intake and Assessment in community mental health support sector - making services more accessible? Paper 20 minute

Joe Cassar, Phil Watson

Medicare and support to mental health care provision; a systematic examination of problems with equity of delivery. Paper 20 minute

Graham Meadows, Joanne C. Enticott, Frances Shawyer

Translating Best Practice Into Reality Through Effective Governance of Community Mental Health Services Paper 20 minute

Rob Warriner

S005: NDIS - funding, workforce, reform (location: Bradman Theatrette)

The Mental Health Jigsaw: Is the National Disability Insurance Scheme the missing piece of the puzzle? Paper 20 minute

Judith McDonnell

Workforce Capacity Building - guidance on developing a robust mental health workforce in the face of a reform-rich climate and evolving NDIS market Paper 20 minute

Garry Hooper

How can NGO's prepare for the new funding models, including NDIS. Lessons learnt from other sectors and health care systems Paper 20 minute

Adrian Munro

S006: Reflecting on Advanced Directives (location: Menzies Theatrette)

Thinking about advance directives - reflections from a co-produced research project ("Consumer/survivor thinking about mental health advance directives") Symposium 1.5 hours

Flick Grey, Merinda Epstein, Neil Turton-Lane, Penny Weller, Wanda Bennetts

S007: Erasing the stigma of mental illness (location: Nicholls Theatrette)

On Coming Out Proud to erase the stigma of mental illness Symposium 1.5 hours

Ingrid Ozols, Keith Mahar, Pat Corrigan

S008: Snapshots - Families & Carers (location: Sutherland Theatrette)

Families' experiences of seeking help for relatives with first-episode psychosis: a systematic review of qualitative evidence Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Melanie Attard, Suzanne Dawson, Zoe Jordan

Working with Families and Carers of Forensic Patients Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Erika Ballance

Working With Families to Address Stigma and Discrimination and Enhance Recovery Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Susan Hunt

Family-focused practice in mental health services: what will it take to have a whole-of-family approach? Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Adrian Falkov, Andrea Reupert, Anne Grant, Brenda Gladstone, Darryl Maybery, Kim Foster, Nick Kowalenko, Torleif Ruud

Keeping Families Connected - A five week group for mental health carers Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Robin Alderson-Smith

S009: Featured Symposium - Aftermath of Military Combat (location: Ballroom)

Featured Symposium: The aftermath of military combat - the history, the personal consequences, the treatments and the recovery Symposium 1.5 hours

Ann O'kane, Christine Tworney, Rob Pickersgill, Stephanie Hodson, Stephen Brand

S010: Lived Experience and Research (location: Swan Room)

Lived Experience and Research Paper 20 minute

Catherine D'Angelo, Sally Cineta

The NSW Consumer Led Research Network Paper 20 minute

Katherine Gill, Tim Heffernan, Yvonne Samuel

A consumer-led research project: Sharing our experiences Paper 20 minute

Bridget Berry, Richard Schweizer, Shifra Waks, Nicola Hancock, Anne Honey, Justin Scanlan

S011: Workforce Education - online resource MHPOD (location: Murray Room)

Translating National Standards into local practice: The construction and delivery of MHPOD in health services. Symposium 1.5 hours

Carol Harvey, Michelle Everett, Marisa Stewart, Sarah Keis

S012: Talking About & Preventing Suicide (location: Fitzroy Room)

Root Cause Analyses RCAs of Suicides of mental health clients: Identifying systematic processes and service level prevention strategies Paper 20 minute

Paul O'Halloran, David Chircop, Donna Gillies

Preventing Suicide Online: Lifeline's Crisis Support Chat Service Paper 20 minute

Ann Evans

Conversations Matter when supporting communities to talk about suicide Paper 20 minute

Alexandra Culloden, Jaelea Skehan, Tegan Cotterill

S013: Snapshots - social inclusion; best practice; reducing stigma (location: Derwent Room)

Social inclusion as best practice in service delivery - a peer perspective Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Jeanette Rodriguez, Peter Farrugia

What CALD Participation means within the MH services & the wider community. Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Evan Bichara

Trauma-informed practice: Translating best practice into reality - a consumer's perspective Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Judith Drake

Feedback on reviewing the Rankin Court Waiting Room Rules Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Douglas Holmes

Blowing the Lid off Guilt and Shame Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Kellie Comans

Cognitive interventions for dementia in chronic schizophrenia Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Katherine Martin

S014: Collaborative MH Research (location: Torrens Room)

Partners in Research: Methods for high quality collaborative mental health research Workshop 1.5 hours

Bethany Jones, Kathleen Griffiths, Michelle Banfield

Wednesday, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

S015: Aboriginal wellbeing model (location: Royal Theatre)

Our journey to developing a collaborative social and emotional wellbeing model for Aboriginal mental health consumers. Paper 20 minute

John Egan, Prue Shanahan

The journey of Richmond Fellowship of WA working alongside and learning from Aboriginal Elders. Paper 20 minute

Adrian Munro

S016: Better Physical Health (location: Bradman Theatrette)

A Multidisciplinary Approach To Dysphagia Management at Macquarie Hospital Paper 20 minute

Natalie Albores

Monitoring the physical health of mental health consumers Paper 20 minute

Brenda Happell, Chris Platania-Phung, Rob Stanton

S017: Reflections on communicating lived experience (location: Menzies Theatrette)

Making 'Madness Made Me': Reflections on communicating lived experience. Workshop 1 hour

Mary O'Hagan

S018: Featured Symposium: Knowledge to Recovery (location: Nicholls Theatrette)

Consumers and Nurses: Sharing the Knowledge to Strengthen Recovery Symposium 1 hour

Kevin Kellehear, Douglas Holmes

S019: Trauma, Stress in Workplace (location: Sutherland Theatrette)

Behind The Seen - The Unique Stresses of Emergency Services and Their Families Paper 20 minute

Ross Beckley, Veronique Moseley

Vicarious Trauma Amongst Workers: A personal journey of burnout and the practical strategies needed to recover and thrive in the workplace individually and organisationally Paper 20 minute

Claire Green

S020: Employment - disability & MH (location: Ballroom)

Integration not just Co-location!: Full integration between mental health and disability employment services to achieve greater employment outcomes for consumers with mental illness. Paper 20 minute

Catherine Skate, Dhiraj Kishnani

Individual Placement and Support: Consumer outcomes through 7 years of integration and partnership by an adult clinical mental health service and a disability employment service Paper 20 minute

Yolande Stirling, Kate Higgins, Tracey Swadling, Melissa Petrakis

S021: Co-design & Partnership (location: Swan Room)

Co-designing a sustainable living program for people living with a mental illness Paper 20 minute

Amy Piesse, Paula Kelly

Consumer Participation and Leadership from Rhetoric to Reality Paper 20 minute

Julie Anderson, Paula Kelly

S022: Empowering Change, Healthy Workforce (location: Murray Room)

Building workforce capacity to prescribe mentally healthy behaviours: results from a pilot study. Paper 20 minute

Amberlee Laws, Katy Robinson, Rob Donovan

Empowering our Mental Health Change Makers Paper 20 minute

Sarah McFarlane-Eagle

S023: Telephone Interventions & Helplines (location: Fitzroy Room)

Telephone Helplines - Evolution and Best Practice Paper 20 minute

Alan Woodward

Better Health Choices: applications of a healthy lifestyle telephone intervention for people living with mental illness. Paper 20 minute

Peter Kelly, Amanda Baker, Alyna Turner, Frank Deane, Robin Callister, Clare Collins, Rebecca McKetin, Kathleen Griffiths, Adam Zimmermann

S024: Keynote Q&A - Pat Corrigan (location: Derwent Room)

Keynote Q&A: Pat Corrigan Q&A Session

Pat Corrigan

S025: Award Recipients - Early Career Researchers (location: Torrens Room)

About this session

Maree Teesson, Nicola Newton

Innovative prevention and treatment approaches to interrupt the vicious cycle of anxiety and substance use Paper 20 minute

Lexine Stapinski

Shared Decision Making in Youth Mental Health Paper 20 minute

Magenta Simmons

Wednesday, 3:30pm - 5:30pm

S026: Service Quality & Reform (location: Royal Theatre)

Floresco... it's Latin for Flourish Paper 20 minute

Carolyn Perry, Ivan Frkovic

Integrating Crisis Respite - Residential and Home-based in South Australia's stepped mental health system Paper 20 minute

John Strachan, Kim Holmes

Structuring Services To Better Support People, From Where They Are, To Where They Want To Be Paper 20 minute

Rob Warriner

Healthy Minds: Partnering to improve access, integration and efficiency in primary mental health care Paper 20 minute

Megan Lawrance

S027: Stigma, Human Rights, Legal issues (location: Bradman Theatrette)

Human rights of people with mental disabilities - Conflicts and controversies Paper 20 minute

Neeraj Gill

Medical-Legal Partnerships: breaking the cycle of legal problems and mental health issues. Paper 20 minute

Chris Speldewinde, Ian Parsons

Batyr: Giving a voice to the elephant in the room Paper 20 minute

Sam Refshauge

The Stigma and Self-Stigma Coping Strategies of Parents of Children with Diagnosed Mental Health Problems Paper 20 minute

Kim Eaton, Jeneva. L. Ohan, Patrick. W. Corrigan

S028: Families, Caring for Young & Old (location: Menzies Theatrette)

Innovative Approaches to Working with Families and Carers of Young People in Early Psychosis - Everything Old is New Again. Paper 20 minute

Brian O'Neill

Young Carers - Adversity to Achievement. Paper 20 minute

Kellie Comans, Taleah French

Service Gaps Identified by People Caring for those with Mental Illness Paper 20 minute

Emma Ladd, Primrose Lentin, Sean Hegarty, Tina Shaw

Carers' experiences of accessing mental health care for older people in a rural area in South Australia Paper 20 minute

Adam Gerace, Deb O'Kane, Eimear Muir-Cochrane, Jeffrey Fuller, Julie Henderson, Sharon Lawn, Suzanne Dawson

S029: Mentally Healthy Community; Women (location: Nicholls Theatrette)

Mentally Healthy WA and Chevron Australia: Working together to improve mental health in Australia Paper 20 minute

Amberlee Laws, Erin Bourne

Chill Out Before You Burn Out Paper 20 minute

Susan Johnson

Optimal Health Program in colour: exploring creative ways to enhance engagement in a wellbeing program Paper 20 minute

Helen Wilding, Gaye Moore, Kathleen Gray, Kristine Elliott, Robyn Woodward-Kron, David Castle

Mothering and mental health recovery: The voice of mothers living with mental illness Paper 20 minute

Ruby Awram, Nicola Hancock, Anne Honey

S030: Trauma, PTSD & Best Practice (location: Sutherland Theatrette)

Victorian Public Service and Sane Australia: Mental Health Best Practice in the workplace Paper 20 minute

Debra Holder, Eliza Oakley

The effectiveness of the St John of God - Richmond Hospital residential PTSD program Paper 20 minute

David Berle, Dominic Hilbrink, Zachary Steel, Jae Lee

TICPOT- The Trauma-Informed Care and Practice Organisational Toolkit: A Quality Improvement Organisational Change Resource Paper 20 minute

Corinne Henderson

Voice hearing, sexual assault and service system responses Paper 20 minute

Kath Sellick

S031: Youth MH - Evidence & Recovery (location: Ballroom)

Service use by Australian children and adolescents with mental health disorders: findings from the 2013-14 national survey - Young Minds Matter Paper 20 minute

David Lawrence, Jennifer Hafekost, John Ainley, Michael Sawyer, Sarah Johnson, Stephen Zubrick, Suzy Saw

Developing and integrating evidence based youth peer education programs within clinical services. Paper 20 minute

Cassy Nunan, Cate Bourke, Evie Thomas, Kate Higgins, Mia Thiedeman-brown, Samantha Buis

Right Choice, Right Time: Involving Consumers in Making Decisions about Evidence-Based Care for Youth Depression Paper 20 minute

Aurora Elmes, Lyndal Trevena, Magenta Simmons, Sarah Hetrick

Developing a parent recovery model: Preliminary findings from the randomised control trial of "Let's Talk About Children" in Victoria. Paper 20 minute

Andrea Reupert, Angela Obradovic, Becca Allchin, Brendan O'Hanlon, Darryl Maybery, Jade Sheen, Kim Dalziel, Melinda Goodyear, Merrilee Cox, Phillip Tchernegovski, Rose Cuff

S032: Peer Workers, Peer Health Coaching (location: Swan Room)

"Skin In the Game": The Politics of Consumer Representation Paper 20 minute

Jane Grace

Good practice disclosure strategies for jobseekers: A pilot study of a strengths-based disclosure framework highlights benefits for jobseekers and provides a model for consumer participation Paper 20 minute

Liz Hudson

Peer Health Coaching- turning research into reality Paper 20 minute

Catriona Bastian, Kerry Stringer

Flourishing - empowering consumers to minimise chronic disease risk factors and better manage their health through peer health coaching Paper 20 minute

Catriona Bastian, Katie Peters, Kerry Stringer

S033: Studies of Recovery (location: Murray Room)

Mutual support in Mental Health Recovery - Applying the Evidence. Paper 20 minute

Clare Guilfoyle, Lori Rubenstein

PULSAR - bringing the opportunities and challenges of culture change in recovery practice to light Paper 20 minute

Graham Meadows, Lisa Brophy, Vrinda Edan

Developing a focussed and stable Primary Mental Health Service, experiences from the Western Sydney ATAPS program. Paper 20 minute

William (Bill) Campos

Studying at university while experiencing mental ill-health: a grounded theory study Paper 20 minute

Priscilla Ennals, Ellie Fossey, Linsey Howie

S034: Voices, Lived Experience, Recovery (location: Fitzroy Room)

Speaking the Unspeakable: The link between trauma and hearing voices Paper 20 minute

Rebecca Moran, Corina Mcswan

Going Beyond the Voices Paper 20 minute

Kiko Ranawake

The Hearing Voices Network WA - Overcoming prejudice with use of lived experience Paper 20 minute

Corina Mcswan, Jacqui Day

Workforce development: Working with Voices Paper 20 minute

Lyn Mahboub

S035: Online, Web-based MH Help (location: Derwent Room)

Enhancing mental health practice through the use of consumer centric technology: Case studies from Country Health South Australia, Youth Mental Health Service. Paper 20 minute

Fiona Fleming, Gabby Jones, Simone Orlowski

Quitline: An underutilised and effective service for smokers with mental illness Paper 20 minute

Alvin Lee, Cathy Segan, Lindsay Whelan, Luke Atkin, Renee Railton

Development of aSMILE = a State-wide Mental Illness Learning Exchange ( web-based portal and smart phone application for people with mental illness. Paper 20 minute

Nga Tran, Matthew Scott, David Castle, Bridget Organ

Swell: Online and paper based recovery toolkit Paper 20 minute

Mary O'Hagan

S036: Understanding Treatment Experiences & Challenges (location: Torrens Room)

Linking dopamine theory and consumers' experiences of psychosis: measuring and understanding aberrant salience Paper 20 minute

Eric Morris, Jennifer Dix, Jesse Gates, John Farhall, Josie Carlin, Sharlene Benton

You Want to do What??? Community Commencement of Clozapine Treatment for a Person who is Homeless and Alcohol Dependent - Rising to the Challenge Paper 20 minute

Barbara Baumgartner, Briony Ball, Deanna Erskine

Exploring the operation and effectiveness of a joint police-mental health mobile crisis response unit Paper 20 minute

Stuart Lee, Angela Gallagher, Jo James, Doug Bowles, Kathryn Henderson, Sandra Keppich-Arnold

A special collection (MHinED) illuminates the mental health consumer's journey in the Emergency Department. Paper 20 minute

Amber Saunders, Christina Wright, Colleen States, Deborah Collard, Peter Lynch, Steven Maron, Tim Coombs

Thursday, 9:00am - 10:00am

S037: Keynote address by Pat Dudgeon (location: Royal Theatre)

Keynote Address: Community Based Mental Health Interventions - The National Empowerment Project Keynote Presentation

Pat Dudgeon

Thursday, 10:30am - 12:30pm

S038: S038 A: Translational Research into Practice; S038 B: Transforming Mental Health (location: Royal Theatre)

Featured Symposium: Research Translation: How do we turn what we know into policy and practice? Symposium 1 hour

Amanda Baker, Karolina Krysinska , Maree Teesson

Transforming mental health - the National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services Paper 20 minute

David Butt

May the force be with you: A guide to building a mental health peer workforce Paper 20 minute

Katrina Davis, Leanne Craze, Sage Green

S039: S039A: Sharing Experiences; S039B: Guidelines & Competencies (location: Bradman Theatrette)

Direct Positive Contact and Safe Story Telling ? Sharing our lived experience and changing minds Symposium 1 hour

Jacqui Price, Samantha Davidson Fuller

Developing guidelines on how to help a person with gambling problems Paper 20 minute

Anthony Jorm, Betty Kitchener, Claire Kelly, Helen Miller, Kathy Bond, Nicola Reavley, Simone Rodda

Competencies for the mental health and addiction service user, consumer and peer workforce. Paper 20 minute

Caro Swanson, Rob Gill, Robyn Shearer

S040: Community; Trauma-informed Care (location: Menzies Theatrette)

Fostering purpose, community and connectedness within Black Dog Institute's volunteer workforce as a way to positively impact mental health. Paper 20 minute

Sarah Connor

Artistic Expression in Trauma Research Paper 20 minute

Lisa Hodge

Bridging the gap between data and decision-makers: A case study Paper 20 minute

Katrina Long

Innovations for trauma-informed futures in mental health practice and service design Paper 20 minute

Rebecca Moran, Jenny Lynch

S041: Progressing Employment (location: Nicholls Theatrette)

A case study of employment consultants embedded within clinical case management teams Paper 20 minute

Tim Brewster

Successfully maintaining employment: The strategies employed by people living and working with mental illness Paper 20 minute

Justin Scanlan, Nicola Hancock, Victoria Jarman

Keeping the Partners Honest: The case for an independent Centre of Excellence for the Individual Placement and Support Model of Supported Employment Paper 20 minute

Catherine Skate, Martin Wren

Mental Health Literacy in the Workplace – why it is NOT enough for culture change & social inclusion Paper 20 minute

Ingrid Ozols

S042: Aspects of workforce (location: Sutherland Theatrette)

Nurses as Consumers- A compelling story of recovery Paper 20 minute

Danielle Jaeger, Natalie Spencer

The enactment of accountability by mental health nurses Paper 20 minute

Eimear Muir-Cochrane, Jeffrey Fuller, Josephien Rio, Kerry Taylor

GPs and Access to Support Services Paper 20 minute

Phil Jones, Robert Habel

Powerful learning tool or voyeuristic exploitation? The use of consumer story in teaching mental health nursing Paper 20 minute

Brenda Happell, Wanda Bennetts

S043: Why Not a Peer Worker? (location: Ballroom)

“Why Not A Peer Worker?” Part 1: The Meaning, Purpose, Philosophy and Ethos Symposium 1 hour

Aidan Conway, Cheryl Rudorfer, Glen Adamson, Kim Catell, Pamela Rutledge

“Why Not A Peer Worker?” Part 2: Practical Tools, Processes, Documents and outcomes supporting Peer Workers and other workers with Lived Experience on their career path. Symposium 1 hour

Aidan Conway, Fay Jackson, Glenda Mears, Michael Macokatic, Pamela Rutledge

S044: Mental Health First-Aid Today & Tomorrow (location: Swan Room)

The Mental Health First Aid Program - Now a successful international community intervention Paper 20 minute

Betty Kitchener

Mental Health First Aid - Born in Australia, Sweeping USA, Saving Lives Paper 20 minute

Sharon Thomas-Parks

The teenMHFA program: a Mental Health First Aid course for adolescents helping each other Paper 20 minute

Claire Kelly, Laura Hart, Robert Mason, Tony Jorm

Mental health first aid: Embracing technology for a new era Paper 20 minute

Betty Kitchener, Kathy Bond, Nataly Bovopoulos

S045: Recovery College - experience & achievements (location: Murray Room)

Establishing a Recovery College in South Eastern Sydney: What we did, what we have learned and what we have achieved. Symposium 1 hour

Arna Rathgen, Jane Stein-Parbury, Jo Sommer, Katherine Gill, Sam Stott, Vicki Katsifis

Experiencing the Recovery College in Action Workshop 1 hour

Irene Gallagher, Katherine Gill, Vicki Katsifis

S046: Snapshots - Experiences of Recovery (location: Fitzroy Room)

My experience of stigma and the known strategies that led to reduction and ceasation are analysed and proposed as potential solutions to reduce stigma as currently experienced by the mentally ill. Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Mary Ward

Hearing Voices in NSW Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Douglas Holmes

I'm Qualified in Being Psychotic - gaining respect whilst maintaining your dignity Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Tracey Myles

Consumer experiences of Partners In Recovery in Western Sydney Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Bronwyn Howlett, Allison Kokany

Recovery, a lived experience discipline Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Louise Byrne

PeerZone by numbers Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Sara McCook Weir

My Journey to becoming a Consumer Consultant for Eastern Sydney Partners in Recovery (ESPIR) Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Lynda Hennessy

Sharing the Journey of Addictions with a Diagnosis of OCD Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Judith Nicholas

S047: Part A: Keynote Q&A - Pat Dudgeon. Part B: Aboriginal communities (location: Derwent Room)

Keynote Q&A: Pat Dudgeon Q&A Session

Pat Dudgeon

A model of early intervention for suicidal ideation and psychological distress among Aboriginal communities Paper 20 minute

Stuart Hearn, Anton Isaacs, Keith Sutton

Shoalhaven Aboriginal Mental Health Respite Care Service - delivering culturally appropriate and gender specific mental health and family support services through a Healing House model Paper 20 minute

Debra Bowman, Sonja Butler

S048: Service Models into Practice (location: Torrens Room)

A shared service model (almost) in action: the pitfalls and the wins along the way Paper 20 minute

Peri O'Shea, Elizabeth Priestley, Jonothan Harms, Margaret Scott

Statewide Mental Health Lived Experience Register - The Story of Lived Experience in Bureaucracy Paper 20 minute

Emma Willoughby, Julia McMillan

Translating a parent recovery program into routine practice in mental health services: what "really" gets in the way? Paper 20 minute

Melinda Goodyear, Darryl Maybery, Andrea Reupert, Rose Cuff, Brendan O'Hanlon, Becca Allchin, Angela Obradovic, Jade Sheen, Hanna Jewell

Translating experience based co-design into a best practice reality for mental health service design and planning Paper 20 minute

Victoria Palmer, Wayne Weavell, Rosemary Callander

Thursday, 1:30pm - 3:00pm

S049: Indigenous Wellbeing - Evidence into Action (location: Royal Theatre)

Featured Symposium: Aligning the evidence into action - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' Mental Health Symposium 1.5 hours

Marie Toombs, Pat Dudgeon, Tom Brideson, Tom Calma

S050: Peer Work - experience, training, development (location: Bradman Theatrette)

NorthWestern Mental Health Consumer and Carer Workforce Development and Support Plan; Consumer and Carer Leadership in Action Paper 20 minute

Michelle Swann, Deb Carlon

Champions of mental health peer work - Catalysing the growth of a national peer work trainer workforce Paper 20 minute

Chris Keyes, Kristy Webb

Peer Work: A Respected Career Trajectory; Employing and supporting the right people, for the right reasons; A philosophy backed by experience. Paper 20 minute

Fay Jackson

S051: Best Practice and the Private Sector (location: Menzies Theatrette)

An Overdue Conversation - Best Practice & The Private Sector –Balanced Work & Investment for All Symposium 1 hour

Ingrid Ozols, Lesley Cook

S052: Inpatient Services - Reducing Conflict & Seclusion (location: Nicholls Theatrette)

Safewards in Victoria: The first Australian implementation of an evidence based practice model to reduce conflict and seclusions in inpatient services Symposium 1.5 hours

Bridget Hamilton, Tracy Beaton, Justine Fletcher, Tessa Maguire, Lisa Spong, Rachel Gwyther, Doris Aquilina

S053: The Law & Legislative Reform (location: Sutherland Theatrette)

Legislative reform in Victoria: Mental Health Act 2014 Symposium 1.5 hours

Robyn Humphries

S054: Peer Workforce - challenges & capabilities (location: Ballroom)

Developing a Consumer workforce and creating career pathways for consumer workers; the benefits, strengths, and challenges of the project. Paper 20 minute

Irene Gallagher

Building the capabilities of an emerging Consumer workforce through the development of a Consumer Mental Health Worker Internship Program Paper 20 minute

Jean-louis Nguyen, Neil Turton-Lane, Snezana Ginovski

S055: Improving Supervision by Reflective Dialogue (location: Swan Room)

Can clinical supervision be improved by engaging in reflective dialogue based on videos of supervision? Workshop 1.5 hours

Brian O'Neill, Hamish Hill

S056: Effective Reduction of Stigma & Discrimination (location: Murray Room)

Stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with severe and persistent mental illness in assertive outreach settings Symposium 1.5 hours

Alan Rosen, Claire O'Reilly, Diane Paul, Jing Ye, Rebecca McCahon, Sumitra Shankar, Tim Chen

S057: Workforce past, present, future (location: Fitzroy Room)

Shaping the future: collaboration with service users for a sustainable mental health nursing workforce. Paper 20 minute

Brenda Happell, Louise Byrne, Chris Platania-Phung

Nurturing Younger Mental Health Professionals.Review and Reflections on Workforce Development Strategies at Fairfield Community Mental Health Service from the period between 1994 and 2014. Paper 20 minute

Van Tuyen (Joe) Chuong, Raymond Finch, Ranya Yacou, Rosellin Violago, Anh Nguyet Le

Up-skilling the mental health workforce in gerospychological practice: filling the gaps through training for clinical psychology registrars in aged care settings Paper 20 minute

Chris Lines, James Baker

S058: Improving Quality of Care for BPD (location: Derwent Room)

Using Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to improve quality of care to people with Borderline Personality Disorder and their Carers. Symposium 1.5 hours

Andrew Phipps, Claudia Mendez, Simon Jakes

S059: Strategies Towards Recovery (location: Torrens Room)

Supported Decision Making and Psychosocial Disability: Joining the Conversation Paper 20 minute

Kate Rea

Let's have a chat! A consumer-led initiative on the Gold Coast Paper 20 minute

Janelle Reeves, Samantha Hall

The use of Trialogue in mental health settings Paper 20 minute

Peter McKenzie

Thursday, 3:30pm - 5:00pm

S060: Framework of Recovery & Transformational Coaching (location: Royal Theatre)

Building a Flourishing Mental Health Service: implementing and evaluating a framework based on personal experiences of recovery, applied positive psychology and transformational coaching practices. Symposium 1.5 hours

Andrew Clarke, Frank Deane, Keren Wolstencroft

S061: Housing and Recovery (location: Bradman Theatrette)

Making the Move - Housing and recovery services to mobile community outreach programmes. Paper 20 minute

Heather Shepherd, Stephanie Parker

Stimulating and Supporting the Housing Market to Sustain Recovery Paper 20 minute

Lauren Anthes

HASI Plus: Home - The Heart of Supporting Recovery through Effective Partnerships Paper 20 minute

Jennifer Neirinckx

S062: Families - hope, interventions, best practice (location: Menzies Theatrette)

Hope, recovery and resilience: The role of hope for carers and consumers living with mental illness Paper 20 minute

Laura Hayes, Helen Herrman, David Castle, Carol Harvey

Making the Most of the Opportunity: Family Interventions in Mental Health Paper 20 minute

Brendan O'Hanlon, Suzanne Fuzzard, Carol Harvey, Rose Cuff, Peter McKenzie, Hanna Jewell

Developing best practice standards to meet the needs of families where a parent has a mental illness in adult mental health services Paper 20 minute

Becca Allchin, Rose Cuff, Melinda Goodyear, Terri-lee Hill

S064: Culture, Society, Communication (location: Sutherland Theatrette)

A Multidisciplinary Approach To Social Communication In A Long Term Mental Health Setting Paper 20 minute

Natalie Albores

Life Beyond the Cocoon Paper 20 minute

Evan Bichara, Ãine Tierney

Addressing Pasifika and Maori mental health needs in Logan, Queensland Paper 20 minute

Andre Pirini, Genevieve Togiaso, Tuifasisina Lupe-Mata-Sila (Tui) Leleisiuao

S065: Snapshots - Recovery, Peer Workforce, Homelessness (location: Ballroom)

The Director of Social Inclusion and Recovery and the consumer, carer and peer/recovery workforce. Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Gabrielle Vilic

Translating a clinical tool into a recovery framework - a peer workforce intervention Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Jeanette Rodriguez, Peter Farrugia

Translating Recovery-Oriented Principles into Mental Health Practice Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Alexandra Nugent, Nicola Hancock, Anne Honey

Partnerships in practice that re-orientate towards recovery Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Angela Van Dyke, Kaylene Moore, Vera Labuzin

Organisational Recovery in Action Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Fay Jackson, Pamela Rutledge

Partners In Recovery - from Medicare Locals to Primary Health Networks: what does this mean to care for the homeless with a mental illness? Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Judith Hopwood

S066: Snapshots - A Recovery Lens (location: Swan Room)

Revaluating Self Stigma experienced in mental health Peer Support Work through the lens of narrative therapy Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Jemima Isbester

Navigating the NDIS and Peer Work Paper 20 minute

Michael Macokatic

Implementing the Open Dialogue and Single Session Family Work models of care in a Youth Early Psychosis Outreach Program Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Adrian Griffin, Jan Kilicaslan

Bringing Peer-supported Open Dialogue to Australia Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Flick Grey

Co-Inquiry and Open Dialogue for practice and organisational development Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Daryl Taylor, Jasmine Powell

Get Into Reading Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Jennifer Weldon

S067: Governance, Language, Accommodation (location: Murray Room)

Challenges and successes when supporting people with complex mental and physical illnesses in a non-clinical supported accommodation service Paper 20 minute

Simone Freeman, Thomas Cardy

Language as a Roadmap for Culture Paper 20 minute

Natalie Cutler, Tim Heffernan

Clinical Governance in a Recovery Oriented Service Paper 20 minute

Adam Zimmermann

S068: Drug and Alcohol Comorbidity (location: Fitzroy Room)

The management of young men with co-occurring mental illness, substance use and impulse control disorders. Paper 20 minute

Michael Monisse-Redman

Co-occurring mental and substance use disorders in young people: an update on prevalence, impact and implications. Paper 20 minute

Cath Chapman, Tim Slade, Nicola Newton, Maree Teesson

The Community Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Research Network (CMHDARN) Paper 20 minute

Tina Smith

S069: Snapshots - Experience, hoarding, homelessness, workforce (location: Derwent Room)

A de-cluttered person directed goal setting tool. Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Grenville Rose, Jacqueline Tudball, Kent Abbott, Lorraine Smith

Developing a designated consumer position in a data reporting and collecting unit Snapshots - Brief Paper 10 minute

Jenna Roberts, Joanne Sharpe

A Profile of Homeless People seen in the Gold Coast Hospital Emergency Department Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Chris Lloyd, Joanne Hilder

Everything bar the kitchen sink! A project to support people to move into a property. Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Linda Perry, Rob Jones

Experience of a Peer Specialist in an Acute Environment Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Dino Pollice

Eating healthy and living with a Mental Illness: How food can play a vital role in maintaining mental wellness Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Anna Buckingham, Linda Perry

S070: Snapshots - support, interventions, living well (location: Torrens Room)

DID you know? - How to live well with dissociative disorders. Paper 20 minute

Judith Drake, Sue Nunn

Creating New Services for People with Borderline Personality Disorder from SANE Australia Hocking Fellowship Recipient 2014 Paper 20 minute

Sonia Neale

Trichotillomania in Australia Paper 20 minute

Reneta Slikboer

Friday, 9:00am - 10:00am

S081: Keynote Address by Joe Parks (location: Royal Theatre)

Keynote Address: An Avoidable Tragedy: The relationship of premature death and serious mental illness. A Call to Action Keynote Presentation

Joe Parks

Friday, 10:30am - 12:30pm

S082: Mental Health Commissions - Translating Best Practice into Reality (location: Royal Theatre)

Featured Symposium: Mental Health Commissions: Evidence into Reality Symposium 1.5 hours

David Butt, Hon. Helen Morton MLC, John Feneley, Lesley Van Schoubroeck, Sebastian Rosenberg, Tim Marney

S083: Pathways to Care (location: Bradman Theatrette)

New Access Sympsium Symposium 2 hour

Lauren Anthes, Bronwyn Hall, Paul Cromarty

S084: Part A: Innovative Evaluation Part B: New National Consumer Peak Development (location: Menzies Theatrette)

Innovative approaches to evaluating recovery oriented services in the ACT. Symposium 1 hour

Julia Reynolds, Michelle Banfield, Prue Gleeson

The next big opportunity: a new national Australian organisation of, and for people with a lived experience of mental health issues. Symposium 1 hour

Ian Watts, Keith Mahar, Michelle Banfield

S085: Creativity and Recovery (location: Nicholls Theatrette)

The Muse of Madness Paper 20 minute

Tim Heffernan

"Music is my way of coping" - Using music to connect everyday life, therapy and recovery in adolescent mental health. Paper 20 minute

Carmen Cheong-Clinch

S086: Research, Evaluation of Services (location: Sutherland Theatrette)

Using Team Values to Drive Service Development Paper 20 minute

Katherine Priddle, Aimee Blackam

How do you know if your service is recovery orientated? Paper 20 minute

Kylie Stewart

Ensuring consumer safety, shared room risk assessment Paper 20 minute

Tim Coombs

Use of services for mental health problems in older Australians - an urban and rural comparison Paper 20 minute

Amanda Baker, Brian Kelly, David Perkins, Kerry Inder, Terry Lewin, Tonelle Handley

S087: Outcomes, Funding, Measurement (location: Ballroom)

The development and results of the European Mental Health Inclusion Index in 30 countries Paper 20 minute

Peter Huxley

Establishing the Psychometric Properties and Supporting Uptake of the ROSSAT Paper 20 minute

Tina Smith

The Benevolent Society's Mental Health Outcomes Framework: developing an outcome focused approach to the way we work with consumers Paper 20 minute

Amanda Trunley, Cherie Nay, Lucy Corrigan

The Australian Mental Health Care Classification: progress in the development of a new way of measuring and funding mental health care Paper 20 minute

Jennifer Nobbs

S088: Participatory Aboriginal Wellbeing (location: Swan Room)

Sunrise Health Project Establishing a community mental health support service in a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory Paper 20 minute

Cody White, Deb Bryant, Geoffrey Lohmeyer, Jade Frederick

How to empower Aboriginal communities during program evaluations: Participatory Evaluation and a "little more" Paper 20 minute

Anton Isaacs, Keith Sutton

Aboriginal Careers In Mental Health (ACIMH) - An Innovative Aboriginal Workforce Development Strategy Paper 20 minute

Carly Warner, Chris Keyes, Thomas Franks

Aboriginal Approaches to Mental Health Paper 20 minute

Kym Dann

S089: Part A: Least Restrictive MH Practices; Part B: Recognising Stigma, Innovative Practice (location: Murray Room)

Working towards least restrictive practices in mental health inpatient units Symposium 1 hour

Bridget Hamilton, Justine Fletcher, Lisa Brophy

Something to Shout About Workshop 1 hour

Sara McCook Weir

S090: Checklist of Challenges - Access, Planning, Clinical (location: Fitzroy Room)

Increasing access to Acute Community Mental Health Care Paper 20 minute

Charles Thompson, Oliver Higgins

Understanding mental health clinical handover in the community, the development and testing of an observer checklist Paper 20 minute

Alex Gagan, Carla Rutherford, Sizwile Tshuma, Tim Coombs

Travelling in parallel universes? The challenge of translating clinical policy into practice Paper 20 minute

Geoffrey Smith, Theresa Williams

Integrated Mental Health Atlases: powerful visual tools for evidence informed policy and planning Paper 20 minute

Ana Fernandez, Luis Salvador-Carulla, Thomas Astell-Burt, Xiaoqi Feng, Cailin Maas, Western Sydney and South Western Sydney Mental Health Atlas Working Group

S091: Part A: Keynote Q&A - Joe Parks S091 Part B: Physical Wellbeing (location: Derwent Room)

Keynote Q&A: Joe Parks Q&A Session

Joe Parks

"S(UP)PORT": Fostering the physical health well being and fitness of mental health consumers and enhancing community participation Paper 20 minute

Alison De Pree-Raghavan, Kayleigh Ellis, Stephen Howald

Physical Health in Mental Health: Driving Best Practice from the Consumer Perspective Paper 20 minute

Anna Praskova, Sarah Young, Susan Patterson

S092: Continuity of care, PIR, Recovery (location: Torrens Room)

The private-public interface of mental health services: An important space to get right to ensure continuity of care to consumers Paper 20 minute

Louise Roufeil, Rebecca Matthews, Tony McHugh

Collaboration 2 Recovery (C2R): Service Partnerships for Whole-of-Life Wellbeing Paper 20 minute

Shauna Gaebler

The PIR experience of coordination: What works and why Paper 20 minute

Ann-Marie O'Brien, Joe Cassar, Tanya Miller

Facilitating recovery in a complex setting? The role of Support Facilitators in achieving the Partners in Recovery outcomes. Paper 20 minute

Ivy Yen, James Gillespie, Jennifer Smith-Merry, Nicola Hancock

Friday, 1:30pm - 3:00pm

S093: Community Health (location: Royal Theatre)

The Neami Health Prompt tool: "A good reminder of things I need to see the doctor about" Paper 20 minute

Kerry Stringer, Rebecca Meldrum

The Hornsby GP Clinic: towards self-management, an integrated approach to physical and mental health care. Paper 20 minute

Chris Lines, James Baker, Simon Besley

Depression screening: using community pharmacists to support the early detection of mental health concerns in primary care Paper 20 minute

Claire O'Reilly, Eling Wong, Tim Chen

S094: Creativity & Recovery (location: Bradman Theatrette)

Featured Symposium: Creativity & Recovery Symposium 1.5 hours

Andrew Hore, Jane Grace, Jeanette Purkis, Peter Huet

S095: Peri-Natal Education (location: Menzies Theatrette)

The changing landscape of perinatal education: Introducing the "PEPP Talk" (Preparing Emotionally for the Perinatal Period) Workshop 1.5 hours

Rani Farmer, Vivianne Kissane

S096: Community and Culture (location: Nicholls Theatrette)

The Art of Creating Recovery - A Community Development Initiative to Transform Wellbeing Paper 20 minute

Louise Masters, Susannah Thorne

Reducing stigma in the Chinese community to support the recovery and empowerment of consumers and carers Paper 20 minute

Cory Haugh, Justin McKenzie, Melissa Petrakis

Post traumatic stress disorder and Sri Lanka's 30 year civil war. A study of transgenerational trauma Paper 20 minute

Neeraja Sanmuhanathan

S097: Consumer, Carer Partnership Dialogue (location: Sutherland Theatrette)

The Victorian Consumer and Carer Partnership Dialogues - The learning goes on Workshop 1.5 hours

Amber Scanlon, Dean Barton-Smith, Ellen-Jane Browne, Julien McDonald, Leanne Beagley, Wanda Bennetts

S098: Outcome Measurement, Improving Quality (location: Ballroom)

The assessment and management of pain in consumers of specialist mental health services, one approach to improving quality. Paper 20 minute

David Hughes, James Bradbury, Stephen Young, Tim Coombs

The Living in the Community Questionnaire: A measure of social inclusion. Paper 20 minute

Cheryl Reed, Tim Coombs

Implementing an outcome measure suite into an Australian mental health NGO. Paper 20 minute

Grenville Rose, Ivan Frkovic, John Malone

S099: Invitation to Research (location: Swan Room)

Invitations to the research table: Valuing multiple types of expertise in research Workshop 1.5 hours

Priscilla Ennals, Merinda Epstein, Ellie Fossey, Benjamin Rinaudo

S100: Snapshots - System Improvement (location: Murray Room)

Mental Health Services Access - supporting staff to achieve system change Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Ivan Frkovic

Participation: The Reality, The Standards and How to Measure Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Kylie Fryer

International Charter on Peer Support Values, Practice and Standards Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Anthony Stratford

A new way forward: The Community Care Unit model revolutionised to place collaboration as the focus! Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Harpeet Singh, Mark Heeney

Using Flexible Funds to Stimulate System Improvement

Cheryl Levi, Eleanor Bayliss, Lauren Anthes

The Importance of Suicide Prevention Research working with The Lived Experience Snapshot - Brief Paper 10 minute

Ingrid Ozols

S101: Carer/Family Peer Support (location: Fitzroy Room)

Embedding carer peer support in an adult community mental health service: evidence, implementation and evaluation Paper 20 minute

Anne-Maree Newbold, Carol Harvey, Jenny Burger, Johanna Tracey, Kirsty Irving, Tanya Goodison

Findings from fifteen years of delivering carer peer support in a clinical mental health service. Paper 20 minute

Cate Bourke, David Neef, Ian Brooks, Marina Hill, Sharon O'Boyle

National Carer Project: A 'practical Guide for working with carers of people with a mental illness' Paper 20 minute

Janne McMahon, Judy Hardy

S102: Early Intervention for Youth (location: Derwent Room)

headspace update - progressing early intervention in youth mental health Symposium 1.5 hours

Amelia Callaghan, Debra Rickwood, Sandra Radovini, Steven Leicester

S103: Inclusive Practice in Teaching, Learning (location: Torrens Room)

Honouring the lived experience: Peer Educator Voice Hearers partners and mentors in mental health education Paper 20 minute

Lyn Mahboub

Hunter Institute of Mental Health: Inclusive practice in a project based environment Paper 20 minute

Alexandra Culloden, Jaelea Skehan, Tegan Cotterill

"Making it real": Facilitating recovery-focused nursing practice through consumer participation in the development of innovative and technology-rich learning experiences for final year nursing students. Paper 20 minute

Fiona Orr, Irene Gallagher, Jane Stein-Parbury, Katherine Gill, Tim Heffernan

Friday, 3:30pm - 4:30pm

S104: Closing Address/Ceremony (location: Royal Theatre)

TheMHS Conference 2015 Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony