Early Career Research Award

Awards submissions now closed. 

About the Early Career Research Award

Launched in 2015, up to three TheMHS Awards for Early Career Research in Mental Health (ECR Awards) are offered. Your ECR entry should reflect one or more of the following:


  • Investigation concerning a novel or very recent development related to Mental Health service delivery in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Included are practices which may be well established in other countries but have not been tested in the Australian/New Zealand environment.
  • There should be elements of originality, inventiveness, uniqueness and freshness.

Best Practice

  • Best Practice will be defined as “a program, activity or strategy that has been shown to work effectively and produce successful outcomes, and is supported to some degree by subjective and objective data sources.”
  • Translational research and Investigation into Best Practices in Mental Health in Australia and/or New Zealand.
  • Research that will improve current treatment, change practices and has an impact on mental health service delivery.
  • Included is research relating to benchmarking or key performance indicators.


  • Research investigations that may underpin or contribute towards the understanding or advancement of mental health knowledge and do not readily fit into the categories of best practice and or innovation.
  • The research will target aspects of mental health other than service provision e.g. a neuroscience investigation.
  • There should be elements of outstanding quality and distinction (at an appropriate ECR level).

Eligibility and Criteria

Please download the Award Information PDF for further information about applying for this category of Award, including, rules, eligibility and entry guidelines.

Key Dates

  • Service & Program, Research and
    Exceptional Contribution Awards Open  22 March 2021
  • Wellbeing in the Workplace Awards Open  22 March 2021
  • Media Awards Open  29 March 2021
  • Service & Program, Research and
    Exceptional Contribution Awards Close  8 June 2021
  • Wellbeing in the Workplace Awards Close   8 June 2021
  • Media Awards Close  6 July 2021
  • Awards Ceremony  TBC during Conference

Ready to Apply? 

Once you have submitted your application, you will be unable to edit your application at all, so ensure you have uploaded all documentation correctly prior to submitting your application.