With a focus on improving mental health knowledge, this research-focused webinar series offers you an evidence-based, and all-round perspective in key areas of mental health.

You will learn the most up-to-date and innovative early interventions and treatments, increase your understanding of social and cultural forces on mental health, and also gain new insights to help shape mental health services planning.

Access to the best available, current evidence, together with expert insights and commentary.
Sharing and valuing of multi-faceted perspectives from researchers, clinicians and people with lived experience.


Thought-provoking and pragmatic learnings that can be considered and applied across a range of service and support settings.

Throughout the year, we’re partnering with some of the best organisations in the mental health sector to bring you research-based webinars that will give you access to the latest evidence, knowledge and resources.

This series will benefit

    • Mental health service providers
    • Peer workers
    • Mental health clinicians
    • Field workers across the sector
    • Mental healthcare consumers
    • Researchers
    • Students
    • Government employees
    • Decision-makers in the sector

Learn on-the-go.
Anywhere. Any time.

Welcome to our Learning Live – Webinar Series! We’re excited you’re thinking of attending and look forward to helping you make the most out of this experience.
Below you’ll find the series we have available at the moment. Feel free to click on the image and explore more.