Lived Experience Change Maker Award

About the Lived Experience Change Maker Awards

There are 2 categories within the Lived Experience Change Maker Awards

  • Consumer/Tangata whai ora
  • Carers/family/whanau

It is acknowledged that there are different definitions of the term lived experience. Here, lived experience is defined as those with “life-changing experiences of mental or emotional distress, service use, and recovery/healing, and their experiences, or the impact of walking beside and supporting someone through these experiences” (National Lived Experience Workforce Guidelines, NMHC, 2021).

The purpose of these awards is to capture, elevate and honour the lived experience informed influence and impact of individuals that demonstrate passion and vision for change. These are individuals that move beyond what may be their formal or expected role, with a focus on human rights, equality and equity and in doing so, lead from a place of justice and compassion. As disruptors, they challenge the system and the status quo, demonstrating an imagination beyond the current reality. They are brave, courageous and fearless leaders who influence those around them, inspiring and motivating others to be a part of making change.

Eligibility and Criteria

Please download the Award Information PDF for further information about applying for this category of Award, including, rules, eligibility and entry guidelines.

Key Dates

  • 2024 Award submissions have closed.
  • The Mental Health Services Awards Ceremony will be held on August 28 at TheMHS Conference in Canberra.