Media Awards Judges

Marc Bryant

Marc works for the Hunter Institute of Mental Health as the Program Manager for the Community, Media and Arts area, which includes the Mindframe National Media Initiative and Conversations Matter projects. He is a qualified journalist and communication professional.

Marc is also a full member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA), Suicide Prevention Australia and the Journalism Education Association of Australia. He has 17 years’ experience working in and with the media, both as a senior print journalist (UK), in media and communication for the National Health Service (UK) and the South Australian Health Department (mental health reform), before joining the Hunter Institute as a senior manager in 2009.

In his role managing the Mindframe Initiative, Marc is responsible for ensuring responsible and accurate portrayals of mental illness and suicide in the Australian mass media. He manages a team of nine staff on the Mindframe Initiative, which works with a number of sectors in a collaborative relationship to facilitate better understanding about issues to consider when working with the media around mental illness and suicide.

Catharine Campbell

Catharine Berger Campbell is a writer/director who has produced drama and documentary programs for government departments, health care agencies and corporates. She also works in interactive media and flipped learning design.

Jennifer Howard

Jennifer joined the Hunter Institute of Mental Health in January 2017 and  has a Ba of Nutrition and Dietetics (Hons) and works within the Suicide Prevention team. Jennifer has a broad work experience history in the food service industry and as Industry Dietitian; from developing ready-to-eat meals for a large supermarket chain to recipe development as a nutritionist in the media. Jennifer has also worked as the Investigative Assistant on a pilot study at the Calvary Mater Newcastle which explored the appropriateness of the inpatient food service on the population of palliative patients.
Jennifer has a special interest in food security and the effects on the availability of food and appropriate nutrition on individuals and the community.

“Availability, or access to food can be impacted from a range of barriers. From geographic and socio-economic factors through to emotional and physical barriers which can negatively impact on adequate nutrition. Eating disorders can create a range of barriers for both individuals and their carers alike and suicide prevention is a big part of recovery.”
Jennifer’s experience as a Dietitian and knowledge of media, product development and marketing is helpful to providing a more holistic approach to suicide prevention in the eating disorder population.

Jennifer’s interest in positively portraying mental illness and suicide in the media is reflected in her continued development of strong working relationships with stakeholders.
Jennifer is passionate about an ‘all inclusive’ approach to nutrition and its portrayal in the media. Her social media presence as an Industry Dietitian places focus on the taste, texture and temperature of food and drinks (in place of only listing out health benefits and nutrition facts) as a way to engage with her target audience and remain protective to vulnerable people with an eating disorder.

“Food is more than just a form of fuel. It is our connection to our friends and family, our traditions and our community. Food doesn’t need to be just about how much or how little of something it has in it, it is about celebrating our ability to choose our health outcomes on a daily basis and enjoy life.”

Jennifer bases her approach to nutrition advice and the five food groups in the media from the evidence-based guidelines: Australian Guide to Healthy Eating developed by the NHMRC and the Department of Health which was established from the review of over 55,000 scientific journals by nutrition and medical experts.
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Alexandra Kellar

Alexandra Kellar is Manager of Communications and Marketing, ACT Health and has worked in public health, both with NSW Department of Health and ACT Health for more than 20 years.  Her work has included numerous public health campaigns including ACT Health’s  annual ‘Let’s Talk for Suicide Prevention’ campaign.

Alexandra is passionate about promoting and improving mental health services and is particularly interested in improving the understanding of mental illness and suicide prevention with our community, so that people with a mental illness experience less stigma and more empathy and support.

Alexandra commenced her career in her teens at Metro Television, Paddington Sydney as a founding member of Metro Television Kids , going on to study Film and Television Production at Charles Sturt University , prior to commencing with NSW Department of Health.

Lynne Malcolm

Lynne Malcolm is Executive Producer of ABC Radio National’s Science Unit and she is producer and presenter of the weekly program All in the Mind on RN.
She has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Anthropology from Sydney University and a Graduate Diploma in Communications and Journalism from the University of Technology.

Lynne has received a number of awards for her work in radio including Bronze & Gold Medals in the New York Radio Festivals International Awards, the Michael Daley Award for Journalism in Science, and finalist status in the Eureka Awards.  She has also won 2 Mental Health Services media achievement awards for All in the Mind, one in 2007 for her series on schizophrenia called “Fragmented Minds” , and one in 2013 for 2 programs on youth mental health.

She was on the Judging Committee for the Peter Hunt Environmental Eureka Award 2009, 2010 & 2011 and on the Judging Panel for the Australian Government Eureka Prize for Science Journalism in 2013 & 2014.

Ellen Sproule

Ellen Sproule is Senior Media Advisor at national mental health organisation SANE Australia.
A key focus of her role is the day-to-day management of the SANE Media Centre which provides information, guidance, expert comment and lived experience narrative to the Australian media to support the accurate and responsible reporting of mental illness and suicide.

Ellen also manages the day-to-day activity of SANE’s StigmaWatch program which provides the Australian community with an online platform where anyone can report media coverage they find that breaches suicide and mental illness media reporting guidelines. SANE Australia reviews all community reports and works to educate media professionals who have breached reporting guidelines by providing constructive examples of changes needed to comply, as well as research behind why these changes are important.

Ellen has more than 10 years’ experience working in media and communications roles.
Ellen holds a Bachelor of Media Studies (Journalism).

Past Media Awards Judges

Warwick Blood – 2014
Marc Bryant – 2015
Danny Lannen – 2014
Jeremy Little – 2014
Elena Terol  – 2016

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