Journalism Media & Storytelling Awards

Awards submissions now open.

About the Journalism Media & Storytelling Awards

There are 3 categories within the Journalism Media & Storytelling Awards

  • Traditional/Mainstream Journalism
  • Regional or Community Media 
  • Lived Experience Led Storytelling 

These updated award categories aim to recognise journalism media and storytelling across the media landscape, including print and news articles, television, film, radio, video, podcast, and social media. Through showcasing productions and resources that have a positive impact and influence on the knowledge, understanding and support of mental health recovery, these awards contribute to improving media reporting, addressing stigma and elevating the voice of lived experience.  

Entries are welcomed from across Australia and New Zealand and should reflect non-stigmatising attitudes towards mental health and be constructive in supporting the understanding of mental health matters.

Eligibility and Criteria

Please review the Award Information PDF for further information about applying to this category, including rules, eligibility and entry details.

Key Dates

  • The Mental Health Services Awards submissions close April 18, 2024.

Ready to Apply? 

Once you have submitted your application, you will be unable to edit your application at all, so ensure you have uploaded all documentation correctly prior to submitting your application.