Pre-Conference Forums

The Pre-Conference Forums will run concurrently on Tuesday October 12th, 2021.



  • Date: Tuesday, 12 October 2021
  • Location: Virtual
  • Registration:
    • Consumer Forum  $30
    • Carers Forum $30

Consumer Lived Experience Forum 

Consumer Leadership: a time for healing, gathering and doing

Consumer leadership is now enshrined in recommendations for change. Acknowledging the trauma and distress that consumers, carers, families and society have been through, we can heal. Let us gather our strength and come together to shape the future of mental health and wellbeing throughout Australasia.

In Australia and New Zealand we are seeing more consumer led initiatives emerge. How can we support consumers to be in positions which empower change, deliver hope and lead to systemic societal improvements? How we contribute and what we do in the next 5-10 years will be pivotal. Time to bring about lasting change, and collaborate with all who share in the vision of reform.

The Consumer Forum 2021 will provide revived hope and inspiration for us to lead and forge the way ahead.

Register for the Consumer and Carer Forums via Melbourne Conference Registration.

The Consumer Forum is created, run and managed by people with lived experience of mental illness and distress. We offer a safe and welcoming space for all mental health consumers and everyone who chooses to attend. Attendance at the Forum assumes everyone present will bring their perspective and experience of lived experience to the day, irrespective of their background, work, qualifications or experience. The Forum exists to acknowledge, honour and respect the lived experience perspective.

Carer, Family, Whānau Lived Experience Forum

Replenish Together: to Keep Turning Hope Into Action

It has been a difficult 12 months and more. Natural disasters, pandemics and mental health royal commissions. Our lives have been changed. We have learned about resilience, about what matters most and the importance of connection. This year’s TheMHS family and carer day brings us together to build hope, to replenish our souls and to learn new ideas.

To replenish we will enjoy laughing yoga and singing.

Workshops available will include content on Social and Emotional Wellbeing: Approaches from Indigenous Culture and Enabling Hope: Inspiration from Family/Carer Peer Workers.

We will learn about internationally what carers have said have been practices and programs that help them and meet their needs, and we will think together about advocacy to build more of what best helps us locally.

Our family and carer forum aims to join us together in a supported space to gaze forwards to build a better future for families in mental health.

Register for the Consumer and Carer Forums via Melbourne Conference Registration.

The Carer Forum has been created and delivered by a team of people with family/carer lived experience of supportive care relationships in mental health challenges. The team have aimed to create a safe and welcoming space for not only mental health carers and consumers but anyone who wishes to attend. Irrespective of your background, work or qualifications we ask you to bring a receptive and sharing perspective to the day. The Carer Forum exists to acknowledge, honour and respect lived experience.

Please note that the Pre-Conference Forums are priced separately. All prices are listed on the TheMHS Conference Registration.