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2015 TheMHS Summer Forum


Men’s Mental Health: Building a Healthier Future 

19 – 20 February 2015, in Crows Nest, NSW

TheMHS Summer Forum 2015 will bring together men and women from all walks of life to discuss new thinking, latest research, and innovative programs for improving men’s mental health. It will ask us to reflect, to listen and to work together for a healthier future for men. Improving men’s mental health is everyone’s business.

Mental health problems affect more than 1.3 million men in Australia every year.

Suicide rates among men, particularly in rural and remote areas are still high. Physical disorders among men with psychosis often go unrecognised and untreated. Co-occurring drug and alcohol problems cause significant damage to the lives of our young men and to the lives of those who love them. And despite some advances in public awareness and understanding, men still experience significant stigma associated with recognising and talking about mental illness and mental health problems with friends, family, and health professionals.

But there is momentum for change.

There is an increasing awareness in the health and education sectors and among the public that we need to better understand and address the unique and diverse mental health needs of boys, youth and men of all ages.

Over two days this Summer Forum will feature experts (by experience and by profession) speaking about some of the latest research and innovative programs for improving men’s mental health. Come along to listen, reflect, challenge and discuss!