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2016 Summer Forum

2016 TheMHS Summer Forum

Cracks in the ice?

Illicit drugs and the mental health impact on our communities

One of the most pressing issues in mental health is the impact of illicit drugs such as crystal methamphetamine (ice in Australia; P in New Zealand), ecstasy, cannabis, chemical highs and other new psychoactive substances on our communities. The mental health consequences of these drugs present new challenges for consumers, families and carers, governments and mental health services.

  • Cracks are emerging as families and communities struggle to respond to the harms and negative consequences of illicit drug use.
  • Cracks are emerging in our mental health and addiction services as they endeavour to manage and support consumers who are using illicit drugs.
  • Cracks are emerging as consumers try to maintain family and social relationships, independence and employment.
  • Cracks are emerging as the criminal justice system is used as a solution.


TheMHS Summer Forum 2016 will bring together experts over two days to restore hope for communities.

We will address the questions of:

  • What is Government Policy doing to improve the ice/P situation?
  • What are the latest trends in illicit drug use in Australia and New Zealand?
  • What are the mental health consequences of illicit drug use?
  • What are the experiences of consumers, their families/carers, and their communities?
  • Is the impact different in rural areas and other communities at risk, and why?
  • How can we develop positive community, service and government responses?
  • Where are the new treatments and innovative solutions?
  • What is seen as “best practice” in terms of treatment of methamphetamine addiction?

Come along and engage on this public health challenge for mental health communities across Australia and New Zealand.

Dates: 18-19 February 2016

Venue: Mercure Hotel, Sydney