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Cracks in the ice? Illicit drugs and the mental health impact on our communities

TheMHS Summer Forum: Feb 18-19 2016

Day 1: Thursday 18 February 2016

Session 1

9.00 – 9.15

Traditional Welcome/Acknowledgement.

Opening and chair: Maree Teesson 

Welcome from TheMHS Chairperson

9.15 – 9.45

Jack Nagle: Setting the scene: listening to personal experience.

9.45 – 10.30

Nicole Lee: Claytons on Ice: The epidemic you have when you're not having an epidemic

10.30 – 11.00

Morning Tea

Session 2

11.00 – 11.45

James Martin - Online drug marketplaces: trends from the dark web.

11.45 – 12.30

Adrian Dunlop - Current treatment update / improving treatment – what we are doing as opposed to what we should be doing.

12.30 – 1.30


Session 3

1.30 – 2.15

Amanda Baker - Methamphetamine psychosis:  Overview and treatment issues.

2.15 – 3.00

Steven Ling – Emergency Departments: impacts and responses.

3.00 – 3.30

Afternoon Tea

Session 4

3.30 – 5.30

Kevin Gournay: Emeritus Professor of Psychiatric Nursing at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, will speak on An international Perspective


Community and Service Responses Panel Session

This session brings together leaders in mental health service delivery, research, and training to discuss the impacts of ice and other new and emerging drugs on our communities, workforce and services. The format will be a Q&A panel discussion.

Peter McGeorge: Director, Alcohol, Drug & Mental Health Program, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

Kim Ryan: Chief Executive Officer, Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

James Ward: Head of Infectious Diseases Research - Aboriginal Health at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Insitute.

Andy Campbell: Richmond Fellowship Board Member and visiting rural community psychiatrist

From 5.30

Join us for drinks on the Outdoor Terrace

Session 5

6.15 - 7.45

Film: Prison Songs 

This film presents the life experiences and perspectives of the inmates of Berrima Prison. It is a unique documentary/musical which deals with issues of drug and alcohol addiction, crime and jail, aboriginal culture, domestic violence and of the inmates hopes for the future. 

Harry Bardwell, Producer of Prison Songs, will briefly introduce the film and will be available for questions and discussion after the showing.

View the synopsis.



Day 2: Friday 19 February 2016

Session 6

9.00 – 10.15

Welcome & Recap from Day 1.

Task Force Report – national considerations

Sally McCarthy - The National Ice Taskforce Report

Michael Farrell (NDARC) - Moving Forward from the Task Force Report, Assessing the situation and shaping responses

10.15 – 11.00

Frances Kay-Lambkin: Breaking the ice - results from recent trial of an online early intervention program for people using psychostimulants

11.00 – 11.30

Morning Tea

Session 7

11.30 – 12.45

It Takes a Community to Respond - Panel session

Chair: Kevin Kellehear

The session will discuss family issues, helping people at risk and peer work experience - what works.

Julie Clark:  Project Officer for Family Drug Support’s 'Bridging the Divide' services in NSW  

Graham Long: CEO & Pastor at Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross. Sydney programs and helping people at risk

Vanessa Caldwell: National manager, Matua Raki. Methamphetamine and other illicit drugs - New Zealand initiatives   

12.45 – 1.45


Session 8

1.45 – 2.30

Nicole LeeBrain Freeze: The brain impacts of ice and some easy fixes to reduce harm

2.30 – 3.15

Nicola Newton/Lexine Stapinski Overview, update and future directions for the prevention of substance use and related harms among young people

3.15 – 3.30

Afternoon Tea 

Session 9

3.30 – 5.00

Media and the community: shaping the national conversation on drugs.

Chair: Cath Chapman

Paul Dillon: Portrayal of drugs and alcohol in the news media

John Godfrey and David Galloway: Shaping national discussions around social issues: behind the scenes on Struggle Street


Kevin Gournay - Take home message and closing remarks