Past Webinars

Constructive Conversations: Seeking connection – What is really happening on the frontline of mental health system support?

Air Date: August 25, 2021

Those on the frontline of mental health services, regardless if they are in public, private or primary care, are noticing increased levels of distress and demand in the community. On both sides, the current system is not working. Creative, ‘whole of society’ thinking is needed to generate and trial better systems.

This webinar is based on Dr Adrian Plaskitt’s recent ‘truth telling’ article, It’s Rare To Be Able To Tell The Truth: Here’s What’s Really Wrong With Australia’s Mental Health System.

The discussion focuses on questions such as: Is some re-thinking required in how we frame and understand mental ill-health and distress? How can we create a more inter-connected system with more equity of access, better supports, and better outcomes for people and their families? How can system reform, not limited to our health and mental health systems, drive different ways of thinking and acting to deliver better outcomes?

Featuring Grace McLoughlan, Adrian Plaskitt, and Ruth Vine.

Moderated by Natasha Mitchell.

Webinar Two: Making Co-Design Real – Is it Possible in Our Current Mental Health Landscape?

Air Date: December 8, 2020

The concept and principles of co-design is not new. However, reoccurring social, cultural, and political challenges within the mental health sector has brought to light the need for collective discussions about its effectiveness.

With all these interrelated challenges in mind, what does co-design mean in today’s mental health landscape? What is its role? Are we co-designing mental health systems in all aspects – from designing, planning, implementing and evaluating?

What barriers and benefits are there in embedding co-design in our mental health systems?

This one hour webinar will explore a highly topical subject with some key leaders in the field, who will be asked to view co-design through their respective ‘lenses’.

Featuring Maggie Toko (CEO of VMIAC), Katrina Armstrong (Executive Officer of Mental Health Carers Australia, and Christine Morgan (CEO of National Mental Health Commission).

Moderated by Natasha Mitchell.

Webinar One: If Australia’s mental health system is failing those in most need – what do effective mental health services look like?

Air Date: October 1, 2020

If Australia’s mental health system is failing those in most need – what do effective mental health services look like?

This constructive conversation followed an ‘ABC Four Corners’ programme about the system’s current approach to those with complex mental health issues.

Featuring Patrick McGorry AO, Paula Hanlon, Lisa Sweeney and Simon Stafrace, this webinar brought together perspectives from lived experience, an evidence-based approach, and service development and provision.