OUR Policies

We, the members and staff of TheMHS Learning Network, strive to ensure that our practices are consistent with, and do not contravene these following statements of rights:


Cancellation Policy

TheMHS Learning Network is an independent, incorporated, not-for-profit organisation funded by delegate registrations, government grants and sponsors.  It is run by a volunteer Management Committee.

Once financial commitments are made to external organisations (like conference venues), it is important for TheMHS Learning Network to be able to retain monies which have already been committed to these third parties for the provision of services.

Delegate Registration Fees

Delegate fees will be refunded 100% (less a $120 administration fee) only if TheMHS Learning Network is notified in writing four (4) weeks before Summer Forum and six (6) weeks before the annual conference. This means that for 2017 events, the dates are:

  • Thursday 11 January 2018 for TheMHS Summer Forum 2018
  • Tuesday 17 July 2018 for TheMHS Conference 2018

50% of fee (less a $120 administration fee) will be refunded if written notification is received in writing two (2) weeks before Summer Forum and four (4) weeks before the annual conference. This means that for 2018 events, the dates are:

  • Thursday 25 January 2018 for TheMHS Summer Forum 2018
  • Tuesday 31 July 2018 for TheMHS Conference 2018

NO REFUND will apply after these dates, except at the discretion of TheMHS Learning Network’s Management Committee. Late applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Management Committee, with its decision being final.

Shared Registration Policy

TheMHS Learning Network does not allow for any shared registrations. All registrations are non-transferable. Delegates can register for individual days of the Conference or Summer Forum, or for the entire event. Inability to attend the entire event will not be refunded.

How To Have A Great Time @ The Event

Our aim is for all delegates and presenters to have a wonderful experience at all events organised by TheMHS Learning Network.

We expect that all people who register and attend our events treat all staff, presenters and other delegates in a respectful manner at all times. TheMHS Learning Network staff and Management Committee will endeavour to reciprocate this behaviour.

TheMHS Learning Network will not tolerate any improper behaviour or conduct that violates the welcoming atmosphere of our events, including bullying, lewd comments, unwelcome touching or other actions that make another person uncomfortable.

TheMHS Learning Network will take reasonable actions to promptly act on any report of inappropriate harassment or behaviour as best we can. As part of this, delegates are reminded that they must follow the instructions of venue and TheMHS Learning Network staff.

Let’s make all our events a safe, respectful and equal place for sharing, listening and learning.

Delegate, Exhibitor or Sponsor Special Requests

Special requests for services (like room hire, AV hire, dietary requirements, assistive equipment etc) require TheMHS Learning Network to enter into financial agreements with third parties. As such, special requests are welcome but must be accompanied by actual payment of the fees prior to these services being engaged.


Bursaries are provided by TheMHS Learning Network for the annual TheMHS Conference.

Bursaries enable mental health consumers (refers to people with lived experience of mental health problems and issues) to attend the annual conference. Bursaries are strictly limited. Australian and New Zealand consumers are eligible to apply for a Bursary if they (in priority order):

Are presenting (whether paper, workshop, symposium or poster) at TheMHS Conference and would have financial difficulty attending the conference.
Have been actively involved in consumer groups/organisations or consumer advocacy.

Would be unable to attend this year’s TheMHS Conference for financial reasons.
Did not receive a TheMHS Bursary for the previous TheMHS Conference.

Media Attendance Policy

This covers all “media” – including individuals, mainstream organisations, freelancers and researchers. It includes any communication channel through which information (including for news, research, entertainment, education, or promotion) is obtained, processed and disseminated.

All “media” (whether delegates or not) must outline a plan to TheMHS Learning Network regarding their purpose for attendance at the event – eg. planned interviews with whom, specific topics, purpose for attending etc.

All “media” must have permission from TheMHS Learning Network prior to attending, interviewing and recording presenters and members of the audience. This is important because of the potentially sensitive subject matter of our events.

All “media” enquiries should be directed to the Communications Manager at TheMHS Learning Network.


It is strongly recommended that delegates take out adequate medical, travel and personal insurance prior to the commencement of travel to cover any losses should you be unable to participate in the event for any reason.


The information given by presenters at events does not represent the views of TheMHS Learning Network, and does not constitute therapeutic advice. This includes the collection of presentations and others materials from the past 27 years that are available from TheMHS Learning Network’s Resource Library.

In the event of industrial action, force majeure or other unforeseen disruption, the conference organisers do not take responsibility for any loss of monies incurred by conference delegates. We strongly advise conference delegates to arrange their own personal insurance. TheMHS Learning Network will not be liable for any participant failing to take out their own insurance.


These policies are current as at October 2017. These policies are reviewed annually by TheMHS Learning Network.

Privacy Statement

Delegate Information

Delegate names and contact details will be used by TheMHS Learning Network to notify delegates of future mental health related events.

If you do not wish to have your details used for correspondence from TheMHS Learning Network, please email info@themhs.org.

Full names, positions and organisations submitted online during the abstract submission process for speakers may be used in the online conference program. If you do not wish your nameor your co-presenters or co-authors names to appear online, please do not include it in any online forms and please email info@themhs.org org advise them of your request.

TheMHS Learning Network endeavours to adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles. Please inform our Privacy Officer of any privacy matters at comms@themhs.org.

TheMHS Learning Network uses encrypted software and is a secure site for all financial transactions.