2018True Co-design Starts with One Question

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Authors: Fay Jackson, Jade Ryall, Matthew Salen, Michael Wren, Kim Jones

Year: 2018

Event: 2018 TheMHS Conference

Subject: 2018True Co-design Starts with One Question

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: In recent years the term co-design has become more prominent in the language used in mental health service design and development. Most services believe they 'do co-design', however when carefully examined it can be 'partial co-design' at best and fall short of including co-design principles at every stage and level of the process. Co-design begins at the very conceptualisation of the issue to be addressed, not part way in. Engaging with respectful, generous co-design from the very beginning of the design process, through all stages of the design, review processes, accountability, feedback and research, services will better ensure the needs of individuals, families, carers and communities involved with those services are met. Flourish Australia is committed to co-design. In our experience it starts with one fundamental question, "What are the questions we need to ask?". Asking the wrong questions and surmising that 'we' (the service) know what the issues and solutions are, have been major contributing factors to poor service design and outcomes for people accessing those services. We will share the challenges faced and how we have overcome them, our learning along the way, the unexpected and innovative outcomes of the co-design process. The workshop comprises of the facilitators and members of the Flourish Australia Social Citizenship Think Tank. This workshop will explore the co-design principles and practical steps Flourish Australia has undertaken to ensure our Social Citizenship Framework and service delivery model is truly co-designed at every stage and level.

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