A Bloody Good Program For The Too Bloody Difficult. The Collaborative Action Program between Mental Health Services For Older People, Adelaide Central Mission and the Royal District Nursing Service (SA)

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Authors: Julie Adam, Andy Kelly, Terry Wilson, SA

Year: 2000

Event: 2000 TheMHS Conference

Subject: COLLABORATION, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, book of proceedings

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: In Australia the 'too bloody difficult' include those older Australians who have mental health problems, complex needs and behaviours that are too challenging for mainstream services.
Despite the remarkable efforts of many service providers, they are often limited in their ability to sustain these people in their own homes without frequent crises and/or need for re-hospitalisation.
Provision of services to this group is often just too hard.

The Collaborative Action Program is a partnership of a state funded mental health service and non-government service organisations.
This innovative program has challenged and extended the partners in the provision of individualised services for these people.

This presentation will;

· Describe the program and its operational processes
· Present a profile of service users
· Outline funding arrangements
· Describe the main points arising from the Evaluation including: -
· Quality outcomes
· Cost effectiveness
· Recommendations for the future
· Use a story to illustrate how this program is able to think outside the square for enhanced client outcomes

Objectives for this session:

On completion of this session participants will have learned;

1. an appreciation of the advantages of using a collaborative model and how collaboration may differ from partnership

2. that collaboration reduces service gaps by allowing flexibility and increased options for the consumer group whilst saving public money

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