A House With Four Rooms An Integral Vision And An Integral Practice

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Authors: Hugh Norriss, Gary Platz, NEW ZEALAND

Year: 2003

Event: 2003 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 1876939184

Abstract: 'All those engaged in a serious calling - whether scientist or nurse, artist or contemplative- are strengthened in that calling by a sustainable philosophy that supports their work. Their practice is enhanced if they know why they must learn certain skills, why they must cultivate particular virtues, and how the elements of their practice must fit together.' (Leonard and Murphy, 1995). For many working in mental health, it is a serious calling. Behind that calling will be a philosophy or worldview that may often remain implicit and unarticulated, even though it will be a powerful motivator in the work that is done. The purpose of this presentation is to explore an integral framework that can sustain the wide range of genuine (life enhancing) theory and practice relevant to mental health recovery and find common links rather than exaggerating differences.

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