Aged Care Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment team

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Authors: Bendigo and Region Psychiatric Services

Year: 1995

Event: 1995 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Silver

Award category: Specialist Service

Abstract: ACPAT is a community based service which provides specialised assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to the elderly mentally ill. Services are provided through a shared-care approach with General Practitioners and in collaboration with age services. ACPAT is regional and the rural consumer is serviced by visiting clinicians and consultancy. Admission and treatment options have increased through the collaborative working relationship of the age and psychiatric services and specifically targeted education programs to residential service staff. the team provide quality services through the development of a modified screening process, implementation of case management and triage system and through staff supervision and quality review processes. Description of Facility/Organisation: The Age Psychiatry Service consists of acute admission beds, an extended care unit and the Aged Care Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment Team (ACPAT). The ACPAT is staffed by 6 clinicians (4 RPNs, 1 Occupational Therapist, 1 Case Aide) and one full time psychiatrist. The service provides assessment, treatment, and case management service to the elderly mentally ill in Region 3. Services are provided to aged person with long standing mental illness who have grown older, people with functional disorders and those with organic disorders who have severe behavioural difficulties. Region 3 is the largest of the health regions in Victoria extending 300kms North West from Woodend to Sealake. It's total population is 220,000, of which 13% are elderly.

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