Balancing Theory, Treatment And Partnership In A Newly Developed Intensive Acute Community Care Team

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Authors: Ross Jamieson, Patrizia Fiorillo

Year: 2002

Event: 2002 TheMHS Conference

Subject: book of proceedings, Acute Services In Community And Hospital, Brief Papers: Focus on Interventions, Training & Other Issues

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: The St. George Division of Mental Health is committed to the provision of mental health care that meets the needs of the community it works with. The Pathway team was developed to provide an intensive home-based service to people experiencing acute mental health problems that would have otherwise required a more restrictive method of treatment. First onset psychosis and mood disorders, and perinatal mental health were identified initially as target groups as specific projects were already under way with this population.
Based on State, National and International guidelines, this small team set out to provide high quality interventions to a clearly defined population within a three-week timeframe, ensuring continuity of care between and within health services, and liaising with other government and non-government agencies. The role and function of the team are based primarily on a partnership model of care where the service users are integral part – and leaders - of the intervention planning and outcome evaluation of care.
This paper briefly describes the planning process of this specialised team, its application in practice, and the tensions that arise when trying to apply best practice while trying to work collaboratively with consumers with acute mental health issues. The criteria for entry, assessment and referral process, length of stay, workload, interventions used and staff training needs have been monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis, highlighting the need for flexibility according to the wishes and opinions of the service users and treatment outcomes.

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