Closing of Lived Experience Forums

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By September 27, 2023 No Comments

Authors: Natalie Ermer & Cath Chapman

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: Closing of Lived Experience Forums

Type of resource: Video

Abstract: Natalie started teaching Nia 10 years ago. Her background in Iyengar Yoga helped her focus body and mind, strengthening physically, and learning about breath, discipline, and precision. After over 20 years exploring different yoga modalities, Natalie was introduced to Nia. Nia has re-trained Nat’s brain to always remember that the BODY is key in gentle self-healing, comfort, connection, and so many new things that keep her on a constant upward learning curve.
With Nia, Nat was reminded of her absolute love of movement, of inviting Joy into her movement fitness practice and Natalie wants to share that joy with delegates at the Lived Experience Forums.

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