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Authors: Granville Vocational Unit

Year: 1995

Event: 1995 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NSW

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Specialist Service

Abstract: The Granville Vocational Unit (GVU) was established in 1991 as part of the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service national psychiatric disability project to assist people with psychiatric disabilities to gain employment. The principles of the Choose Get Keep model of vocational rehabilitation (Anthony & Danley 1987) underly the GVU's service delivery approach. The GVU assists first time jobseekers; people who have a history of being able to get but not keep jobs; and people who are employed by whose job is in jeopardy because of disability related issues. The GVU works in partnership with service providers who are responsible for the ongoing management of a person's mental illness and with employment agencies who can provide ongoing employment support. Description of Facility/Organisation: The CRS Granville Vocational Unit (GVU) provides vocational rehabilitation services for people with psychiatric disabilities who live in Western Sydney. The GVU is staffed by a Manager, 7 Case Managers, a Job Development Officer and 2 Administrative Support staff. The GVU has annual targets to assist 45 people to gain employment and 112 people to commence a vocational rehabilitation program. The GVU also has a state-wide responsibility for the improvement of vocational service provision for people with psychiatric disabilities by the NSW CRS network of 50 Regional Units.

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