Community Based comprehensive Psychiatric Services

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Authors: Warrnambool & District Base Hospital Psychiatric Services Division

Year: 1997

Event: 1997 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Comprehensive Catchment Area Service

Abstract: Following mainstreaming in 1992, the Warrnambool and District Base Hospital has reformed and redeveloped psychiatric service provision in south western Victoria from an institutional model of care. Since that time the two hundred and fifty bed institution has closed, and in its place specialised multidisciplinary community based teams located in the strategic geographical centres of Hamilton, Portland, Camperdown and Warrnambool, deliver modern integrated mental health care to its clients, principally in the clients own environment. The Warrnambool and District Base Hospital Psychiatric Services Division has developed a service that focuses on early detection and intervention, is easily accessible, highly accountable, continually examines the standard and quality of its service provision, constantly examining the outcome of its treatment strategies and interventions with its clients, implements and evaluates extensive ongoing education and skills development for all staff, and participates in local and international research. Description of Facility/Organisation: The Warrnambool & District Base Hospital Psychiatric Services Division operates as a Division of the Hospital and provides a comprehensive range of mental health services throughout rural south western Victoria, including child and adolescent, adult and aged care persons services. The catchment covers an area of 25,000 square kilometres with a target population of 100,000. Services are community based with teams located in Portland, Hamilton, Camperdown and Warrnambool providing a 24 hour, seven day a week service. Bed based services are available at the acute psychiatric inpatient unit. A 15 bed acute psychiatric inpatient facility is co-located on the general Hospital campus and a community residential care facility is also available.

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