Consumer Forum: Putting Human Rights on the Map

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Authors: Tanya Blazewicz, Simon Katterl & Charmaine Gallagher

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: Theme: A Journey to Justice in Action

Type of resource: Video

Abstract: The Consumer Day at TheMHS Conference 2023 will be a journey through the landscape of human rights, hearing and (re)claiming our voice, and amplifying the call to action. We acknowledge that navigating mental health systems is non-linear and human rights breaches often happen at the meeting point whereby authority meets vulnerability. We need to know how to empower ourselves, speaking in the moment feeling the power of this, saying that’s not okay, I don’t agree with that. Human rights are fundamental to our sense of Self, making the centring of dignity and autonomy possible through all experiences of life. A rights-based approach is essential to meeting people where they are at on their journey, through the navigation of the unknown. Consumer Day will be an opportunity to look at how people with lived experience can claim their rights - a learning journey for all of us, that we can intentionally create. We know that we are powerful when we use our voice: If everyone whispered at the same time, it would make a yell. Let’s share knowledge, stories, in an inclusive accessible setting ensuring that everyone leaves with something, and no one gets left behind

Presentation 1: Welcome to Consumer Forum.
Author: Tanya Blazewicz
Our MC Tanya will welcome you to our Journey to Justice in Action, Putting Human Rights on the Map

Presentation 2: To realise human rights, we need to grow, not just acknowledge power.
Author: Simon Katterl & Charmaine Gallagher
This talk will identify how power relations have created a mental health system that undermines rather than supports human rights. It is important to acknowledge this. However, a mental health system is not fixed: it is the product of our community believes and what we are willing to fight for. Therefore, Simon will argue that in addition to creating alternatives, reform of the current system will require conscious efforts to grow the power of the consumer movement.

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