Consumer Forum Session 3

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Authors: Danielle Bament, Jennifer ( Jenny) Benham, Flick Grey, Catherine Morgan, Marc Ryan & Sam Tansley

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: Consumer Forum Session 3

Type of resource: Video

Presentation 1: The urgent need for access to legal advice and Individual advocacy for people subject to the South Australian Mental Health Act (2009).
Authors: Danielle Bament & Jennifer ( Jenny) Benham
Involuntary treatment and restrictive practices within the mental health system can subject people to arbitrary restraint or detention, take away a person’s dignity and right to choose the treatment they engage in, their right to freedom and where they reside. Aspire Recovery Connection is a 100% Lived Experience Organisation arguing for the establishment of an independent advocacy and legal advice service in South Australia dedicated to people subject to involuntary treatment, coercion and restrictive practice within services governed by the Mental Health Act 2009 (SA). This presentation describes the current landscape in South Australia and explores solutions for overcoming the lack of access to free legal representation and advocacy.

Presentation 2: Nourishing the human in human rights work.
Authors: Flick Grey & Catherine Morgan
This work is hard. We do it because it matters. Many of us are depleted, our souls seared and our hearts weary. But there’s also great joy in doing meaningful work in community.
Drawing on my experiences on the Independent Review Panel into the Victorian Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022 (focusing on reducing compulsory treatment and enabling supported decision making), juxtaposed with deep lineages of consumer/survivor wisdom and critical social theory, I explore what we might collectively need to keep doing this work in a way that doesn’t (ironically) harm us, but instead nourishes us individually and collectively.

Presentation 3: Have a laugh with the Beautiful Bogan.
Author: Marc Ryan
Marc Ryan Comedian aka The Beautiful Bogan Marc is Adelaide's own home grown northern "burbs bogan and Adelaide Fringe comedian. Marc will take the stage to share his incredible journey, unfiltered lite experiences, and uproarious adventures through the lens of his unique persona, The Beautiful Bogan. But it's not alljust laughs! Marc has a deeper purpose: to normalise conversations around mental health. With courage and authenticity, he l openly discuss his own struggles and triumphs, proving that sometimes, a good laugh is the best medicine. Marc's on a mission to touch hearts, spread joy, and bring mental health into the spotlight with compassion and wit.

Presentation 4: Have a laugh with Miss Communication.
Author: Sam Tansley
Miss Communication brings some laughter and fun along with mental health lived experience. She has been doing comedy gigs since 2010 where she performed with a group called “Cracking Up.” Today’s performance will incorporate her journey through her mental health experiences and what found her across the ditch. As New Zealand and Australia come together in this awesome conference, so too do Aussie Kylie and Kiwi Sam come together for this performance.

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