Darwin Rural Aboriginal Mental Health Team

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Authors: Territory Health Services

Year: 1997

Event: 1997 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NT

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Individual or Team Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Theory/Education/Practice

Abstract: All aspects of the service are firmly grounded in Aboriginal Terms of Reference. They encompass the cultural knowledge, understanding and experiences that are associated with a commitment to Aboriginal ways of thinking, working and reflecting. They incorporate specific and implicit cultural values, beliefs and priorities from which Aboriginal standards are derived, validated and practised. The aims of the Aboriginal Mental Health Program include: Working with family and community members to strengthen and maintain those systems that exist in culture, law and ceremony to promote positive mental health. Reduce the loss of health, well-being and social functioning associated with mental health problems and disorders. Description of Facility/Organisation: Darwin Rural District is one region under the Mental Health Services Program. The area covered is roughly about 70,000 sq. kms. The Aboriginal Mental Health Team in Darwin Rural District has a total of seven staff. Two registered mental health nurses, one who is on temporary secondment to Darwin Urban District. One permanent Aboriginal mental health worker, based in Darwin. Two temporary Aboriginal mental health workers, one based in Darwin and one based in Belyeun (the funding for these positions is through the Territory Health Service and is being evaluated for permanency). Two Aboriginal mental health workers, one based in Milikapiti and one based in Nganmarriyanga (the funding for these positions id from the Commonwealth Government, the funding finishes after two year. Mid 1997). Associated closely with the team is another community based worker in Milikapiti working on a two year project for the prevention of Youth Suicide (to finish Dec 1998). The team also provides a fairly comprehensive service to the Darwin based Psychiatric Inpatient Facility.

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