Deck of Dreams

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Authors: The Wayside Chapel, NSW; St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst

Year: 2013

Event: 2013 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NSW

Award level: Gold

Award category: Consumer Provided

Abstract: The Deck of Dreams is a collection of hopes and dreams have been gathered from people who have been impacted by mental health issues. This includes consumers, mental health workers, and their families and friends. The end result is a deck of 52 unique cards with artworks depicting people’s dreams, as told by people who have been impacted by mental health issues. On the back of the each card the artist has written a positive, inspirational and/or quirky and real message of hope around mental health. The cards will be used to start conversations around the importance of dreams and encourage goal setting. This project’s aim is to inspire dream creation and to breakdown stigma to shift the focus on a person’s dreams and purpose, not their diagnosis. The more people start sharing about their mental health experience, the more lives could be saved.

Description of Facility/Organisation: The Wayside Chapel
The Wayside Chapel has provided support for people on and around the streets of Kings Cross since 1964. In the past year over 48,000 visits were made by people seeking assistance or just stopping by for a chat, a coffee or a quiet place where they can find company and acceptance. The Wayside Chapel employs 32 staff and has over 550 volunteers on the books. The federally funded Day to Day Living program offers support for people with long term mental health issues to participate in social, recreational and educational activities. There are currently over 80 active participants in the program. The Wayside Chapel also has a Youth Space, a community services centre, op-shop, café and an Aboriginal Project.
The Inner City Health Program, St Vincent’s Hospital
The St Vincent’s Hospital Inner City Health Program has responsibility for the provision of mental health services to the residents of the inner city of Sydney. St Vincent’s Hospital is located in a neighbourhood with the highest concentration of homeless persons in Australia, the highest concentration of people living with HIV/AIDS, a high proportion of alcohol and drug use and one of the highest rates of street crime.

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