Division of Mental Health

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Authors: Women's and Children's Hospital

Year: 1996

Event: 1996 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: SA

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Child and Adolescent Service

Abstract: The Women's and Children's Hospital, Division of Mental Health is the largest provider of child and adolescent mental health services in South Australia. The Division offers a comprehensive continuum of services ranging from tertiary state-wide facilities, mental health promotion and prevention programs, through to community mental health services across the northern metropolitan and country areas of South Australia. A dedicated Research and Evaluation Unit ensures that programs are appropriately evaluated. The Division has an emphasis on quality service delivery and has recently been awarded the maximum accreditation of three years through the Community Health Accreditation Standards Program (CHASP). Description of Facility/Organisation: The Women's and Children's Hospital is an incorporated body that provides specialist state-wide services with South Australia. Within the Women's and Children's Hospital, the Division of Mental Health provides a range of services and programs across the continuum of care ranging from a unique, state-wide, tertiary inpatient facility through to mental health prevention and promotion programs.

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