E-Poster: How laying the foundations for Peer Leadership is creating pathways for the future

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Authors: Dylan Smith

Year: 2023

Event: 2023 The MHS conference - Adelaide

Subject: How laying the foundations for Peer Leadership is creating pathways for the future

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Mental health workers need knowledge and skills to deliver care and support that is compassionate, and rights based. VET organisations are underrepresented at mental health conferences. As Victoria’s largest VET provider, we are well placed to promote this key aspect of workforce training.
Practitioners must implement rights-based approaches that address discrimination. VET must ensure that education reflects these approaches. Chisholm provides education and training to build competency, educating students to understand the social determinants of mental health; inequality, discrimination, and violence, and how to respond.
This happens in classrooms, and in pastoral care. We ensure that educators and graduates demonstrate best practice. Educators’ stories will be included into the presentation. Compassion in education involves sensitivity and empathy towards students’ individual situations, treating them with respect and humanity and working in partnership to aid their study. The presentation will provide examples.
Our philosophy ensures that all students requiring supports have their rights upheld and receive compassionate care. We recognise the value of implementing pastoral care that reinforces training and preparation of the mental health workforce. The presentation includes testimonials from current students, and graduates who have realized the positive outcomes that working compassionately, and upholding rights has in peoples’ recovery journeys.
Learning Objective
The importance of VET pastoral care that demonstrates compassionate, rights based approaches that powerfully reinforces the importance and value of the training provided to prospective mental health workers.
Workers continue to use discriminatory practices that are harmful and deny people with mental health issues their fundamental human rights.

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