Book of Proceedings: Embracing Change – Open Dialogue The Finnish Approach Of Treating Psychosis

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Authors: Satu Beverley, NSW

Year: 2017

Event: 2017 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Open Dialogue is widely recognised as the model that produces unique results for recovery from mental illness. This paper gives a brief overview of:
• How Open Dialogue works, the principles of Open Dialogue
• How the western world has started to embrace Open Dialogue,
• The research of Open Dialogue in Finland, Denmark and Australia.
The 7 main principles of Open Dialogue are covered. They give a glimpse on how and why a client and his/her social support network is harnessed as equal partners to the treatment team by clinicians on a continuous basis from the first meeting within 24 hours from the referral. Instead of isolating the consumer from his/her social support network, Open Dialogue embraces the consumer as an integral part of his/her social network and the engagement of relevant members of this network believes it to be vital to recovery. Furthermore, it focuses primarily on psychosocial treatment based on the consumer’s needs, instead of diagnosis and medication. Open Dialogue has strengthened its place as the leading recovery orientated mental health treatment model in the Western world. Staff training in Open Dialogue and new research is conducted outside Finland including Australia.

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