Follow Up Discharge General Enquiry Support The Fudges Project

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Authors: Elisabeth Stewart, NSW

Year: 2008

Event: 2008 TheMHS Conference


Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 9780975765340

Abstract: ‘FUDGES’ Follow Up Discharge General Enquiry Support, is a unique mental health consumer initiated project which provides assistance, understanding and support to mental health patients during their first weeks post discharge from hospital. Consumer advocates maintain telephone contact twice weekly with patients who consent to follow up. Calls are non clinical and provide peer support. An operations manual was developed and the participating advocates have received specialized training. The project is introduced to patients by the consumer advocates during their regular weekly visits to the in-patient unit. The outcome and evaluation for this project has included a total of 80 participants with consumer advocates making a total of 485 calls. From this number of calls 86% were successful in contacting the participants. The impact of these calls for participants is considerable, who have expressed their appreciation for the calls, and messages left, happy to know someone cares and is thinking about them.

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