Recommended Reading: Gender Pathways Service (GPS) Youth Mental Health

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Authors: Nicole Albrecht, Jennifer Griffiths

Year: 2018

Event: 2018 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Recommended Reading: Gender Pathways Service (GPS) Youth Mental Health

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 978-0-9945702-3-9


Gender diverse youth across Australia are at elevated risk of suicide, self-harm, homelessness, and other mental health and psychosocial difficulties (Strauss et al., 2017). The Gender Pathways Service within the North Metropolitan Health Service Mental Health’s Youth Mental Health Service is a new pathway to care for gender diverse youth in Western Australia. This state-wide service is open to gender diverse young people aged 17- 24 years old who are seeking specialist assessment for gender affirming medical interventions (i.e. hormones and/or surgery) and who may also present with complex co-occurring issues or are unable to access these specialist services elsewhere. The service also provides specialist consultation, training, community development, and referral information related to supporting gender diverse youth. The creation of this service aims to increase access to quality gender affirming care and increase capacity within existing services to improve the mental, social and physical health outcomes for gender diverse young people in Western Australia.

Albrecht, N, Griffiths, J, "Gender Pathways Service (GPS) Youth Mental Health" (2018), Hear the Whisper, Not the Roar Contemporary TheMHS in Mental Health Services, Adelaide Conference Proceedings 2018, TheMHS Conference, Adelaide, Australia 

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