Goulburn Valley Area Mental Health Service and Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria

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Authors: Goulburn Valley Area Mental Health Service and Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria

Year: 2003

Event: 2003 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Winner

Award category: Service Partnerships

Abstract: The project will demonstrate outstanding innovation achieved by a strong and meaningful partnership. The partnership, which brings together distinct sectors of clinical and psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support services, has led to significant cultural change where respective organisations have blended their approach to service planning and program delivery for the betterment of their consumer community. The project highlights a number of initiatives that have resulted from the partnership. These initiatives could not have been achieved without a paradigm shift now evident in the service delivery approach in both organisations. This has required a high degree of leadership, integrity and commitment in planning and design of services not held by the usual boundaries and differences. The express aim of this partnership has been to improve and enhance services to consumers and carers in this community. Description of Facility/Organisation: West Hume covers a wide, rural geographical area of approximately 16,500 sq kms with a population of some 135,000 people. The Goulburn Valley Area Mental Health Service (GVAMHS) was established as a result of the Victorian state government reforms in mental health at which time 22 separate areas mental health services were established within the mainstream health system. Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria (MI Fellowship) is the states leading membership based not-for-profit organisation working with people with mental illness, their families and friends to improve their wellbeing. MI Fellowship exists to make a real and positive difference in the lives of people affected by mental illness.

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