Individual Service Plans In Public Mental Health Services (Victoria Australia) Policy Versus Reality For Consumers

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Authors: Andrea Dunlop

Year: 2001

Event: 2001 TheMHS Conference

Subject: book of proceedings, Consumer Roles, Advocacy, What's the reality: consumers in services

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 1876939079

Abstract: Individual Service Plans (ISPs) are regarded in Victorian state government policy documents as an essential component of clinical case management for all public mental health service consumers. Specifically, they are promoted as an effective collaborative planning strategy to ensure client focused treatment planning and it is a requirement that all consumers have such a plan.

What do consumers know about Individual Service Plans? Do consumers indeed have such a plan? What is their reaction to this planning process? Is it a collaborative process? What choices do consumers actually have? Do consumers really care about ISPs or are their priorities elsewhere?

This paper explores the consumer experience of ISPs by reporting on themes emerging from a current research project being conducted within the School of Public Health, La Trobe University. The research project involves a qualitative investigation into the experiences of adult consumers of mental health services in the development, implementation and evaluation of their ISP. Emerging consumer themes will be contrasted with an analysis of the policy intentions of ISPs. This paper aims to remind us that a consumer perspective is fundamental to the continued relevance of ISPs as an appropriate client centered treatment tool.

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