Insights Into Building Capacity For A Primary Mental Health Shared-Care Model In Rural Queensland

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Authors: Gillian Black, QLD

Year: 2002

Event: 2002 TheMHS Conference

Subject: book of proceedings, Rural And Remote Mental Health Issues, GP Shared Care, GENERAL PRACTITIONER

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Models for collaboration between different providers of mental health care, including shared care, have been developed in Australia and elsewhere. The term “shared care” is used loosely, both in the literature and in practice. In this presentation shared care will be defined as “both systemic cooperation about how systems agree to work together…and operational cooperation at local levels between different groups of clinicians.” (Penrose-Wall, Copeland & Harris, 2000).

The end result of shared mental health care is patient-centred care that is delivered collaboratively by GPs, mental health nurses and workers, social workers, psychologists, hospital staff and others.

Emerald, a rural town in central Queensland has been able to develop a model of shared care through support from the General Practice and Psychiatric Partnerships (GPAPP) and National Health Development Funding (NHDF). In this presentation, the model of shared care developed, and the processes, resources and skills that were needed to build the capacity of all stakeholders, are described, and the lessons learned to date are highlighted.

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