Just As It Is- Telling Our Stories Our Way

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Authors: Ginibi Robinson & Lee-anne Daley, ACT

Year: 2004

Event: 2004 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Indigenous Peoples' Mental Health, aboriginal, dreamtime, dreamtime buurraays children, yarning circle

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 0975765302

Abstract: The social emotional wellbeing programs at Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service are community driven and provide a whole of life focus that acknowledges the importance of history, family and community for the individual. The programs all aim at reducing social and cultural isolation, which is a specific issue within the ACT and regions, by building a sense of extended community, connectedness and identity.One of the programs being developed is "Dreamtime Buurraays", a group for young people (aged 7 - 12 years) dealing with grief and loss issues. The group was named by a 10 year old girl in memory of her Grandmother and means "dreamtime children". A concurrent yarning circle for older community members is also being developed to address grief and loss issues that impact on the community. These programs do not stand alone; they are continually developing and influenced by what is happening in the community and reflect community initiatives to address the gaps which have previously existed in service delivery.

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