KEYNOTE PAPER: Mental Health, Human Development And Economic Growth: A View From The World Bank

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Authors: Harvey Whiteford, USA

Year: 1999

Event: 1999 TheMHS Conference

Subject: KEYNOTE, recommended, social capital, book of proceedings

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

ISBN: 0949203750

Abstract: Mental disorders are prevalent, cause considerable suffering and rank high on the league table of world disease burden. This paper argues that, by extension, they are a significant impediment to human development and productivity. Cost effective interventions exist to reduce the suffering and disability associated with these disorders. Further, enhanced mental well being, which can be achieved through a range of mental health promotion measures, strengthens psychological resilience and contributes to building social capital. The contribution mental health programs can make to enhancing both human and social capital provides a basis for understanding their role in the broader sphere of human development. However, additional research is necessary to better appreciate this role and how to maximise the social and economic benefits of these programs.

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