Keynote Presentation: Melody Riefer: How Storytelling Makes Us Strong and Changes the World!

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Authors: Melody Riefer

Year: 2014

Event: 2014 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Lived Experience, Keynote, storytelling, wellness, recovery, 2014, Melody Riefer

Type of resource: Video

Abstract: Storytelling is as old as humankind. We rely on the passing on of experiences as a way of building our history. We resort to creative storytelling for entertainment, education, and establishing cultural identity and belonging. This type of sharing IS what makes us strong. In our own communities of healing, wellness, and recovery our stories build a foundation of identity and belonging. When I share my experiences with others it creates a shared understanding and you begin to understand where my path has taken me and where our shared paths can bring us.

Advocacy, consensus-building - even data collection - rely on different versions of storytelling. It is critical that we share our stories of healing, wellness, and recovery as a part of systems change and transition. CommonGround, an approach developed by Patricia E. Deegan, PhD, is an emerging tool in the USA that is reconstructing who tells the story of recovery and how that information feeds forward to the care team. A summary of this method will set the course for self-determination and person-centred care. We CAN change the world by what we share!

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