Keynote Presentation: Pat Bracken: Critical Thought as a Strong and Positive Force for Change in Mental Health

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Authors: Pat Bracken

Year: 2014

Event: 2014 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Critical Thought, Recovery, Psychiatry, Keynote, Pat Bracken, 2014

Type of resource: Video

Abstract: Across the world mental health services are attempting to adopt a recovery approach as their guiding philosophy. This has emerged from the ranks of the service-user (consumer) movement. While professionals and their organisations are increasingly expressing support for this approach, I will argue that unless professionals are able to embrace critical reflection on their assumptions, values and practices, their engagement with the recovery approach will be superficial at best and tokenistic at worst. In this talk I will explore the nature of critical thought and seek to map the 5 dimensions of Critical Psychiatry. I will present this as a positive, and necessary, force for change and transformation.

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