Keynote Recording: From Rhetoric to Reality in meeting psychosocial needs in people with psychosis: An overview of Collaborative Therapy

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Authors: David Castle

Year: 2003

Event: 2003 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Keynote audio recording, collaboration

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: The psychosocial needs of people with psychotic disorders are not being addressed adequately. The recent Australian Study on Low Prevalence (Psychotic) Disorders found that, whilst most Australians with a psychotic illness (91%) were taking medication, few were receiving adequate psychosocial support from mental health services; fully 47% of these saw the need for a particular type of service which was not able to be accessed by them, either because of it simply not being available or not being affordable. This talk outlines a framework that will help to meet some of this deficit and deliver psychosocial treatments for these individuals, as part of routine clinical practice. The framework consists of comprehensive modular treatment packages addressing the psychosocial needs of people with psychotic disorders. Each module consists of a group-based or 1:1 intervention over 8 to 12 weeks, to teach the participant pertinent skills; and a longitudinal process of relapse prevention, using a consumer-held ‘Collaborative Treatment Journal’. All ‘collaborative partners’ (case managers, GPs, PDSS workers, family members) are also taught about the Collaborative Framework. The framework is novel in terms of the extent of inter-sectoral and multidisciplinary involvement in mapping needs, developing the interventions, and dissemination, as well as the rigour of the evaluation (using a controlled experimental design).

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