Keynote Recording: Herstory: Cultural Differences and Tradiotional Aboriginal Concepts of Illness and Health

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Authors: Phil Iker

Year: 1998

Event: 1998 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Keynote, recording, audio, history, indigenous

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: Listen to Phil Iker's 1998 keynote presentation.

It is important never to underestimate the significance of culture or, of culture differences between two social groups who share the same language. In parts of Australia for example, both Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal people speak English, that is they share grammar.
But, because of cross cultural communication, there is often much misunderstanding which derives from cultural differences in using the langaige and it follows that for genuine understanding cross-culturally, we need to understand how people are using language to do things to and with each other.
For Aboriginal people, traditional concepts covering the meaning of "illness" and " health" are quite unlike western ones. Health is not a purely physical state, it is related to the well being and harmony of groups of people, with our spiritual and physical universe for aboriginal people, our perception of health is closely related to quality of life.

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