Keynote Recording: Strategies for Indigenous Health Development: The New Zealand Case Study

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Authors: Mason Durie

Year: 1998

Event: 1998 TheMHS Conference

Subject: keynote audio recording, lecture, indigenous, maori

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: Listen to Mason Durie's 1998 Keynote presentation.

A variety of indicators point to significant disparities between the mental health of indigenous peoples and the non-indigenous populations. In New Zealand a number of strategies have been adopted to address mental health issues for Maori. Although there is little evidence as yet of a reduction in disparities, the strategies are seen as providing longer term benefits, both in the alleviation of poor mental health and in the treatment and care of people who develop serious mental disorders. Four approaches to improving Maori mental health involve Government policies, workforce development, the establishment of Maori specific services, and greater responsiveness from all mental health providers. For each approach there are significant resource issues and debate about the relationships between Maori inputs and mainstream conventions. The important point is that in seeking best outcomes for patients, clinical parameters must take into account cultural and socio-economic realities. Linkages within the sector, between sectors, and between mental health workers and Maori communities are crucial for the development of comprehensive strategies which make sense to Maori.

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