Keynote Recording: What we have learned from the National Mental Health Strategy and how will this influence Mental Health Reform in Australia in the future?

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Authors: Harvey Whiteford, USA

Year: 1998

Event: 1998 TheMHS Conference

Subject: keynote, audio, recording, mental health reform

Type of resource: Audio

Abstract: Listen to Harvey Whiteford's 1998 keynote presentation:

This will present the findings of the evaluation of the current National Mental Health Strategy released in July 1998 and provide a outline of the framework for the next five years of the renewed National Mental Health Strategy. Data will be presented on the structural reform of the mental health service delivery system, in both private and public sectors, achieved between 1992/3 and 1996/7, and on funding and directions being provided by the Commonwealth to continue this reform between 1998/9 and 2002/3.

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