Kids’ Business

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Authors: WINNERS: Stewart Carter and Cath South ORGANISATION: People Pictures

Year: 2010

Event: 2010 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: VIC

Award level: Winner

Award category: Broadcast

Abstract: Kids' Business is an inspiring portrayal of young people learning to grapple with their lives head on. Intimately observing a class of children as they openly explore issues of bullying, domestic violence and relationships with their parents; the wisdom and honesty of the children, make this a profoundly moving film. People Pictures comprises husband and wife team Stewart Carter and Cath South. They have been making documentaries together for almost 20 years. Working primarily as a two-person team, they write, direct, produce, and edit. From sound-recording to cinematography, their approach is responsive, empathetic and deliberately personal. People Pictures’ documentaries have screened on National Television in Australia and overseas.

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