Last orders – young men, drunk and disturbed

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Authors: Beaver Hudson

Year: 2015

Event: 2015 TheMHS Summer Forum

Subject: nursing, nsw emergency departments, men's mental health, young men, adolescents, summer forum

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: Following the introduction of mainstream mental health services into NSW Emergency Departments over the past ten years, there is a cohort of young men under the age of 25 who come into contact with mental health services, frequently under the Mental Health Act, when in distress, secondary to relationship breakdowns, substance intoxication and or aggressive behaviour.

In an overly focused administrative, risk driven clinical environment, is there a one-size fits all approach being adopted when deciding to enforce care? Does this lead to a potentially greater risk of trauma associated with involuntary care and a protracted “psychiatric career,” which might have otherwise been managed in non-psychiatric settings?

In a very busy, high-turnover inner city ( Sydney) Emergency Department, clinical experience is drawn upon to both question and highlight the needs of these young men while determining more appropriate models of care.
In working together for a healthier future for men, this presentation will address the questions about too great a focus on ‘risk’ and less on clinical judgement when making these decisions to treat.

Beaver Hudson is Service Manager at St Vincent's Mental Health Service.

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