Mental Health Services for Older People

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Authors: Waitemata Health

Year: 1996

Event: 1996 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award state: NZ

Award level: Bronze

Award category: Psychogeriatric Service

Abstract: Mental Health Services for Older People is a multidisciplinary service operating in the Northern and Western areas of Auckland City. The service comprises two community teams which are responsible for domiciliary assessment and treatment. Outpatient clinics have evolved to extend available resources and to improve socialisation. People requiring hospitalisation are treated at the Kingsley Mortimer Unit, North Shore Hospital. In-patient and Out-patient care is integrated to enable continuity from the point of initial referral through to discharge. Our service treats the whole range of mental health disorders found in younger people with the addition of organic disorders more commonly associated with age. We function as a crisis team, liaison psychiatry team, in-patient team, continuing care team and community mental health centre. We do legal work, assess for government subsidies and treat substance abuse. The teams are multiskilled and cohesive and provide comprehensive health services for older people who reside in both urban and rural areas in our district. Description of Facility/Organisation: Community and in-patient Mental Health Team for people in North/West Auckland aged 65 years and over

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