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Authors: Jim Marbrook

Year: 2013

Event: 2013 TheMHS Awards


Type of resource: TheMHS Awards

Award level: Winner

Award category: Special Media Achievement Award

Abstract: “We return to the abandoned asylums with two men who recall the worst of times amongst the debris of the cells and cages that once held one of them, and the dayroom from which the other made his escape. Former nurses and psychiatrists provide measured recollections of too-readily embraced revolutions in treatment and the ‘toxic and disabling’ psych hospital culture that persisted in New Zealand long after One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest provided a popular damnation of it...Marbrook has the grace never to feed on the persecution of his subjects. He honours their endurance and enables their stories to emerge from the shadows and leave their indelible blemishes on our social history.”
– New Zealand International Film Festival director Bill Gosden in the World
Cinema Showcase programme

Jim Marbrook. Producer / Director / Cameraman.
Filmmaker with a key interest in mental health, human rights and indigenous cultures. Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology.
Filmography includes:
Jumbo (1998) (Director/Producer) Short Film (NZ Film Festivals, Melbourne, Valloidad (NZ Section) TV3, Canal + Poland. NZ Film Award Winner. 1998
Dark Horse (2003) 70 mins. Winner of Best Feature Documentary at DOCNZ 2005, Reel Life on Film Melbourne 2006, Maori TV, Documentary Channel. (feature film version currently in production as "Genesis" New Zealand Film Commission starring Cliff Curtis (Training Day, Blow, Whale Rider) and James Rolleston (star of Boy).
Ko Whanganui Te Awa 70 mins (2006) Maori TV
Awa Hikoi (2004) TVNZ, Alternatives Conference Phoenix, USA 2006, Carter Centre Atlanta, USA 2005
New Caledonian Journalist in Residence Fellowship. Pacific Media Centre. AUT. 2007 / 8 Mental Notes (2012) NZ theatrical Release NZ, Royal Australian College of Psychiatrists 2012,
NZ Film Archive, October.
Description of Facility/Organisation:

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