Moving Long Stay Psychiatric Patients Into The Community: Tenure And Progress In Clinically Staffed Accommodation Units

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Authors: Tom Trauer, John Farhall, Richard Newton, Peter Cheung, VIC

Year: 1998

Event: 1998 TheMHS Conference

Subject: Community Care Unitys, book of proceedings

Type of resource: Conference Presentations and Papers

Abstract: In recent years, Victoria has been replacing its stand-alone psychiatric institutions with a more even mix of hospital and community services. In order to accommodate patients, who have resided in these institutions, a system of Community Care Units (CCUs) has been included in the range of mental health facilities. The CCU is a 20 bed, 24-hour staffed, purpose-built rehabilitation unit located in a residential suburb. In this study we focus on seven such CCUs which were associated with the decommissioning of a large hospital complex in which the authors used to work.

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